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Type of Camera - new Olympus?

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So I've searched and read up on TPR using the upper end of the "lower" models of for video and pictures. Has anyone tried, or know much, about the new Olympus Stylus Tough models? I've read up on the net, but can't find many reviews as far as people who have actually used them.


I would love to have a good SLR, but as of now, I abuse my camera a good bit (Canon Powershot), and would hate to see something happen to a new SLR. I therefore have decided to replace my point and shoot. I photography in general, and carry my camera whenever I'm out living life. I'm honeymooning in Cabo come August and would like to get a waterproof model that can take some abuse.


I love to ride coasters, ski (on the lake and on snow), blow stuff up, run into walls, etc. I therefore thought the new "Tough" line (most likely 6000 or 8000 model), would be a good choice as it is 10 or 12 MP, waterproof, freeze proof, small, has image stabilization, etc. Anyone know much more about them? Or has anyone used any other waterproof and shock proof point and shoots that they would recommend? I also wonder how the shock proofing would hold up on coasters. I assume pretty good for Intamins in general, but wonder about Togo death trap style smashings... Any input is appreciated...

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I have been looking at these things for a while also...


I agree! They could be great for the life of a roller coaster enthusiast, as well as people into skiing, rock climbing, ect.


So if anyone has one of these please tell me what the picture quality is like and what-not.



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I, too, have a 1030SW (the 8000's very similar predecessor), have had it a few months, and while the picture quality isn't as good as my older Olympus (C-7000), it's still quite acceptable for my needs. Actually, I totally like using it - though the newer top-of-the-line model has mechanical image stabilization, which would've been nice. It was unnerving to take it swimming in the pool the first time, but a week ago I carried it on a cross-country ski trip without a second thought. I like how Olympus makes a floating strap for it, a silicone case, etc. The biggest downside, I guess, is its needing a pricey Olympus-brand card to unlock some of its features. That and its limited user-accessible adjustments - but there are lots of decent "scene" presets.


Honestly, when I go to Peru in the fall, I'll be bringing both cameras, and use the C-7000 when I want a really high-quality image. But I wish I'd had the 1030 when I went Zodiac whale watching in Cabo, for instance, or snorkeling in the Caribbean, and it'll be great to have something I can pocket on rides without worrying that it'll get bashed or wet. Really nice little camera so far.


Last week in the mountains...untweaked

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All of my PTR's are taken with an Olympus Stylus. I think there are definately better cameras out there, but I love not having to be careful with it. I can drop it and it will be completely fine. Same thing goes with water.

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I have the Olympus 6000 Tough and really like it.



I can take it anywhere: on coasters, on water rides, whatever. And it fits easilly into my pocket.

The mechanical image stabilization really works (much better than digital). It's almost impossible to take a blurry photo in full daylight.



Struggles a bit with whites (but that can generally be compensated for).

Lens flare is a bit more common than what I'm used to.

A little pokey between shots.


Though there are few photos mixed in from my girlfriend's Pentax, you might want to check out my recent SeaWorld & Animal Kingdom trip reports to get an idea of what I've been able to do with it:





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^ I think the general consensus is that there are in fact better cameras out there, especially for the price, but hey, you can't drop them in a pail of water to wash the sand off. (The 6000 goes for almost $300, the 8000, which is more shockproof and is waterproof to 10 meters rather than 3 - important if you're going to take it snorkeling or on shallow scuba dives - is nearly 400.) If I get all critical, I can often see some image softness, especially compared to my other Olympus, and it's considerably better with brightly lit exteriors than low-light situations. (If you look at some of Electerik's Sea World interior shots, you'll see a good bit of noise.) That being said, it's still a damn fine camera for what it is, and if the choice is between ending up with a shot that's not-quite-perfect, or not being able to get that shot at all...


Yes, it's a thrilling underwater shot of my hairy legs!

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You know I've taken my Nikon DSLR on many rides and it has never seemed to suffer from this. Sure it's not drop-proof, but how great of pictures are you going to take when you're in a situation where you're likely to drop your camera? Also, my D40 wasn't particularly expensive and the stock lens would be fairly inexpensive to replace if you did manage to damage it.


The underwater feature of the Olympus is pretty neat though.

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I think the general consensus is that there are in fact better cameras out there, especially for the price, but hey, you can't drop them in a pail of water to wash the sand off.


Exactly. I wanted something easy to use and easy to carry around that I could abuse a little bit, take onto water rides, and still get solid, non-blurry shots of coaster trains whizzing by. And that's exactly what I got. So I'm happy with it.


Is it better than ginzo's DSLR? Of course not. But it would seem the original poster already was thinking of these and just wanted to know if they were any good. In my opinion, yes. Despite some minor weaknesses, it's very much the camera I was hoping it would be.


/I didn't need the shot of your legs, though, shepp.

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Thanks for the input fellas. After looking over the pictures in the trip reports I definitely think it will fit my needs for quality, and durability. I'll probably go for the 6000 model since it is cheaper, and go for the SLR in a year or two. I'll post up some pics in the next month or so when I get them...


And I too could have done without the leg shot, but at least it lets me know what kind of quality "body hair shots" I can get...

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I may go with an Olympus Rough this Black Friday. I've had 2 Kodak cameras that cracked and broke on the screens on the Canobie Corkscrew and Geauga Lake's Thunderhawk. Finally I upgraded to a Canon is720. The LCD is fine but the battery door broke open. I want a camera that could better survive the lateral forces while in my pocket during a cycle. My Canon lasted about 2-3 years.

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