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Woman commits suicide, lands on teen.


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suicide is no laughing matter


Oh but it is when the person lands on someone else.


In all seriousness I was waiting for this to happen to someone, I kinda expected it to happen eventually.


But I feel sorry for the lady that she jumped, and for the kid who she landed on.

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People deal with things differently. Even the most morbid events can have random aspects of humor. Sure, this is a tragic event, but the whole "sit back and relax" thing sure throws a bit of a spin on things.


I agree with this. Of course suicide isn't a joking matter, but you can't help and chuckle a bit for that part at least. It was just a very ironic thing that happend within a horrible situation.

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No matter what happens, suicide isn't funny.

I find it pretty disturbing that you would laugh at that.


I find the Drinky Crow Show hilarious! And that's pretty much about a suicidal alcohol and sex addicted crow and his monkey friend!



It sucks, but I think it's kind of funny. He's sitting in a chair that says "Sit back and relax" and a woman falls on him.

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Ironic? Yes. Funny? I don't believe so.

I'm very sorry if what I said seemed rude. I just don't think the situation should be taken in a humorous manner. It was not my intention to come off that way.


No, you weren't rude at all, simply voicing your opinion, and I understand that!

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