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New "Conduit" site up


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Anyone who owns a Wii and goes to IGN probably already knows about The Conduit, which got a new site up earlier with unlockables if you find the right clues (hidden in the site) and type them into the messenger.




Quarantine - gets you wallpapers


I can't wait for this game, as it is one of the first of it's kind on the system. A decent FPS with excellent controls, online, wii speak compatible etc. I searched and didn't see anything on it, so I thought I'd start a topic to if anyone else is anticipating this game.


Square also opened a new FF: Crystal Bearers site, which unlocks more content as it gets more hits:



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Okay... got the game... played for about 45 minutes on single player (not going to try online until I really know how to play... and have a solid internet connection... mines been spotty...)


3 missions completed. Amazing control. Repetitive enemies. Great looking graphics (for Wii, 'blah, blah'... I think it looks great, but Overlord on Wii actually looks better, as I've gotten both!)... I'm really impressed with the game so far. FPS's aren't my favorite genre of game (my favorite was the original Red Faction on PS2), but I'm really enjoying this.


I don't have a "friends code" yet, but will post one later on (more likely tomorrow, as I've worked graveyard last night and haven't slept yet!)...

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Got the game last Saturday and have played a bunch. The online stuff is really great as it has tons of stuff to offer. I've never been really good at first person shooters so I still get my @$$ kicked online but it's still entertaining.


Great campaign mode too. Haven't completed it yet but what I'veplayed so far is very entertaining and really fun.


I think this is a winner for the Wii.


Jimmy "My wrist hurts from playing too much" Bo

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Having play quite a bit over the past week, I'm loving this game. I've played tons of campaign mode (which clocks in at about 6 hours to complete on easy) and am nearly finished with my 3rd play through. And am enjoying it more with each play through..


Finally got to try out online matches and had a lot of fun with them. That experience differs though depending on the connection. I've experienced some lag, either on my end or others, and it hindered my play to an extent... but a good time over all.


I think The Conduit is a damn fine game and a welcome addition to my ever growing Wii line-up...

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So glad to see others are liking this game...


My Friends code is 2493-1916-3711


BCNagl is my tag in The Conduit... (real name Bryan...)


And I don't have Wii Speak as of yet... thinking about getting it though...


I'll throw your friends code next time I log in (just finished playing...)

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I don't think I can pay $50 for a wii FPS, when BF1943 is tempting me for $15/lolMSpoints on PSN/XBLA. I think I can wait until it's $20. Maybe....


And why hasn't id/DICE ported their free FPSs (QuakeLive/Battlefield: Heroes) to the wii? Target market right there, middle-of-the-road gamers. Credit card # inside wii already, one click to spend $.49 worth of funnymoney on a hat.

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