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[NL] Bal Van Vuur track

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Hey everyone, here is my first full wooden NL coaster.


Yes, I know the ride has it's minor problems, but I think it is a pretty great effort! It doesn't have any major pumps or red g's, and I feel that it would be a great real coaster.


Please comment and give me your opinions.


Thank you and enjoy your ride!


Bal van vuur.nltrack

Bal Van Vuur



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What I liked

-The layout was moderately good.

-Had good pacing at times.


What could be improved

-Fails the tunnel test, this can easily fixed by placing a tunnel throughout the track and seeing if anything intrudes into the tunnel.

-Try not to have curved brakes and lifts. You need at least more than 3 sections of track to build a lift properly and you can use 'I' to straighten parts you want to be straight.

-It got a bit slow at times, try and lower some of the larger elements.

-A lot of under/over-banking, try and look at the forces to see if you've banked too much or less.

-The brake segments needed to be longer. The train went into the station far too fast.

-The turns were quite pumpy, try and use circular objects to get the turns the right shape which in turn will help smooth it out.

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Thanks everyone for your comments! Keep them coming!


Yes, Dr. Gumbo, I am aware of the "tunnel test" and the "I" key to straighten pieces. I specifically did not want this particular coaster to pass the tunnel test. As for the "I" thing, I used it sometimes, but it often messes up the previous sections of track. Yes, I agree that the car enters the station a bit too fast, but there are tons of rides like that, such as shuttle loops. I am surprised at what you said about the banking, as I thought it was quite "GCI-esque". I did check the G's many times, as there are no red ones anymore.


Thanks for your constructive criticism though! I appreciate it! I am sure as I build my second and third wooden coasters I will get better.


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^ hahaha. I wanted it to fail the tunnel test in certain spots because it looks more like a GCI. I know that sounds crazy, but the feeling of "Oh my gosh I'm gonna lose my arms!" is on most of their coasters. The car never actually crashes into sections of track on my NL coaster, so I didn't see it as a big deal.

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