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Are you a Screamer, Laugher or WHOOPer?

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Definitely a Whoop/Woo-er


Also been known to make bellowing guttural yells exclaiming, "Yeahhhhhh"!! However, some rides have thrilled me silent to the point where I'm beaming with disbelief (see below).


Thrilled Silent:

-Texas Cyclone, SFAW ('92 version).

-GhostRider, Knott's (*Media Day Opening).

-Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, WDW - Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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I'm definitely a Laffer with the occasional "whoo!" thrown in as well. I also almost always go with hands up and on really good rides I will often clap at the end. Some folks will look at me funny when I clap, but usually I'll get a few to join in with my applause.

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HAHA. OMG. I'm like... everything. I scream, I laugh, I grunt, and when I really really really get hyped up, I'll start yelling things like "YEAH! EAT IT BABY! GO GO GO! TEAR IT UP!!! YEAH!!! COME ON!!!". Legend and Voyage I yell a lot about tearing things up. Those rides just shred the whole way and I LOVE it!

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I'm an "Oh Sh*t!" kind of guy. The only rides I still get butterflies in my stomach and still get freaked out on are drop towers and skycoasters.


This is pretty much me. I usually talk on the rides too especially if I'm with someone who has been on he ride thousands of times like me.

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Well, when it comes to me riding roller coaster and any other scary-looking flat ride, I am usually a silent rider (reason #1, screaming out loud will cause my voice to crack). However, back in the early days of the year 2000, I would often do this stunt: when the train is being lifted up the lift hill, I would say out loud:




And just when that train is on top of the hill, ready to go down that first drop hill, I would then say out loud:




Now, if I do hear someone screaming their pretty little head off, that will cause me to laugh. Case in point: this year at Kings Dominion, on a water tubing enclosed ride, some older man went before me and the funniest scream you ever heard echoed throughout the enclosed tube. In fact, this man went soprano.


"Oh well, I call that 'another satisfied customer'!"

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I normally go "Wooooo"... Occasionally laugh when a ride is really crazy or something...


It depends on the ride. I don't usually scream, but El Toro Brought me to it.

My first ride on El Toro was more like...


(around the first turn) "WOOooo...."


(going down first drop "WOOOHOLY SHIII....."


I expected insane airtime, but not THAT insane.

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