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Photo TR: Costco

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Every other Tuesday is our Costco day. Why? Who the hell knows. It's just always been that way. It's nice because it's never busy.


We left the house at about 9:45 so we could be at Costco right at 10:00. Walked in, did some shopping, bought some stuff. Walked past the DVD isle and saw they had The Jerk for only $11.99. Couldn't pass that up. GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!


We got some water (2 cases) some lettuce, pot roast, Hamburger (we already had Chicken from our last trip), Diet Snapple, Cheeze-It's, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Macadamia Nuts, Pancake mix, Dentyne Fire gum, some taquito things, Peanuts (for the squirrels) and The Jerk.


When we left Costco we decided to get some Costco gas, well, because it's cheaper right now. Filled up for $25 (the light had come on during our trip to Costco).


I didn't take the camera into Costco because, well, that would have been weird.


Overall we had a totally awesome time.


Here are some pics:


Post insertion ...


Our refridgerator before the Costco get's inserted


I'm a good Trunk Stuffer ... =)


We arrive back home


They were replacing a signal next to the High School. Mmmm ... Sara Lee!!!


We have ALOT of Eucalyptus trees in Camarillo


On our way back to Camarillo


Amanda and Joshua love Costco


Here is our basket before I loaded the goods into the trunk.




Here we are arriving in the beautiful city of Oxnard

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You guys are ate up. Must be why I like you and wish we didn't live halfway across the country from each other.... anyone who feels the need to post the contents of their refrigerator online is just weird enough for me.


We have this amazing grocery store here in Cincy called "Jungle Jims", and I am just weird enough to take pictures inside of there..... I feel inspired, so that may come after my Holiday World report...............



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Hahahahahahahaha! It's so funny to see stuff from Camarillo and Oxnard in your report!!! And Costco, too! That reminds me, I need some stuff there...


What intersection is it where the signal is being replaced? Diana's not in school right now, so I haven't had any reason to go over by the high school. I have seen the signal light parts laying around over there for awhile, though.


Eric "I need to do a random trip report sometime" L.

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Good one!


I didn't take the camera into Costco because, well, that would have been weird.


They would probably not like that anyway. Most stores have a policy on that. They think you are casing the joint.


I will start the Fridge thread if it isn't already under way by the time I get home from work.

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OMG, there is so much stuff in your refrigerator! It looks like you have enough food for the next weeks! Is this only for one week?




We go to Costco every 2 weeks. But we will make random trips to the Grocery Store.


We have 4 people in the house, so we eat alot of food.


Oh, and Eric. It was the corner of Adolfo and Mission Oaks.

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