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Photo TR: Hanno's start to the 2009 coaster season

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Wow...Colossus looks like it's in real need of some TLC. Good thing Thorpe has coasters like Stealth and Saw to soften the blow of seeing this fallen giant.


I also keep hearing that X\:No Way Out is going to get a re-theme someday, but I see that's still yet to happen.


Plus, whenever I see pictures of Flying Fish, I always think about the time I read that it started its life indoors, as "Space Station Zero". I'm a sucker for Space Mountain wannabes, and I'm having a hard time finding photos of the coaster in this state. Does anyone know if any exist?

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I also keep hearing that X\:No Way Out is going to get a re-theme someday, but I see that's still yet to happen.


Already happened actually, but it didn't really go to plan. Basically the budget got cut and we ended up with some new paint inside, a couple of mannequins from the old queue line (Hi Lou!) and a few different coloured lights.


Plus, whenever I see pictures of Flying Fish, I always think about the time I read that it started its life indoors, as "Space Station Zero". I'm a sucker for Space Mountain wannabes, and I'm having a hard time finding photos of the coaster in this state. Does anyone know if any exist?


There's one that I can picture, might even have been the picture on the gate map or something back in the day. I'll have a look for you



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Looks like a B&M type seat mixed with Revolution's train mixed with the Mack restraint! Or whoever built this.


Looks like vveeerrrryyyyy low clearance in and out of those rocks. Great shots, Hanno!


Looks alot like Intamin's version of a floorless train to me.

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As promised.. here's the next update..


Duinrell ( a small park in NL) finally got a new coaster and since i had nothing else to do.. i might as well go there and check it out.

That's what i did yesterday (does this still make sense?)


The name of the new ride is Falcon and yes.. it's another Gerstlauer.


It's a great (and big) addition to this park and another interesting ride. It had been raining hard the night before and i knew rain was coming to the park within 2 hours (after my arrival) so i rushed a little.


I'll shut up for now and present you some more pictures of this park and the new ride. Hope you like them.


and some bumper cars.. i feel i've missed some rides.. but that's all..i had to go do some other stuff..


schip ahoy..


shoot.. i'm on the wrong side of the water..


another water related ride..


what's that i see in the distance?? katapult??


the kid looks totally shocked.. i did not feel like figuring out what else was in store..


ok.. now this is.. ehm...


let's see what's behind this...


paddle monorail..


and the entrance to the swimming area..


some of the slides of Tikibad.. the scariest slide from my previous visit has been removed :(


a place to get some food..


closed :(


going round and round..


and yes.. it's a long one..


there's the train..


side of the kikker 8 baan station picture..


and some people are really soaked..


it's going over the bridge..


water is moved...


so there's an enclosed boat coming...


what's in a name?


were you have the choice between open and closed boats..


and the splash (boat ride)


the waterspin


right next to the coaster.. are the water rides..


it just looks pretty..


for (almost) all ages..


another fun part.. this ride is small. but a lot of fun.. especially for kids and scared parents


coming down..


almost feels like hangtime in the loop..


there's a nice story told to me regarding the number 9 next to the pilot..


after riding front row.. it was time to try the back..


just in case you forgot the name...


there's the plane


in about a year the ground should be green with small trees and other green things.. which should cover the metal..


plenty of supports and coaster track in this view..


hitting the brakes


it's not that big/high.. but still a fun ride..


nice looking train


as seen while exciting the station


i had to get a picture of this... foto service.. 1 euro for the onride directly in your mailbox..


theming in front of the station building. they were running 2 trains.. and there was something like a 5 minute wait.. but those kids...


i found it.. Falcon :)


this structure looks impressive..


credit number 1.. the kikker 8 baan..


Tikibad.. the big swimming area..


another kiddie ride..




the other picture failed.. but they also had some bumper boats..




brutus.. a dog is nicer then all these screaming schoolkids that were at the park this moorning..


he looks happy


i had been to this place before.. still being in school.. and i did remember this sandbox with all the swings etc..


a park map..


and yes.. these paddle boats are a "ride" as well..


monorail and small castle..


after entering through the gate you have to walk a little untill you get to the park itself. First there's some camping grounds and this view..


as seen from the parking lot..

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That is a great looking park with a lot of greenery. Hope you rode the bumper boats and got your "Bootie" credit for the day. Still haven't been able to ride a Gerstlauer yet, hopefully soon. Thanks for the pictures!

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You haven't done a Gerstlauer yet? Wow your missing out. Mystery Mine is like a amped up wild mouse but it's so much fun it's not even funny. I did a 6 run ride when I went and then 2 other times with my dad...AWESOME airtime on the two vertical and beyond vertical drops and on the double inline finale you have massive airtime too!!! That ride is sick...I'd suggest heading to the closest Eurofighter around and hop on 'cause they're amazing

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I love this park its a really nice one and found it randomly when i went round Europe . Stayed at the campsite which was really well worth doing as you get to go into the park. Its a shame the toboggan run was closed. Thanks for the pics hanno its changed a lot since i've been

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Nice update. It was great seeing pictures from the park. buI was there when I was about 12 years, but I don't remember much about it. But when seeing the picture I remember the playground, especially that wheel. That was a lot of fun back then. Didn't really go on that many rides.


I didn't have the nerve to go on the most scary water slides back then I'm glad they finally got another coaster and I'm looking forward to going back some day!

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^ & ^^ i'm not sure since i have not been to either of those 2 places yet. What i have heard is that 3 rides of this model have been sold so far....


So i guess it could be.

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