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Photo TR: Hanno's start to the 2009 coaster season

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^ That is both the coolest and most pointless thing yet! Not to mention the potentially biggest money making scam ever. It's cool because I'm not the "hands up" type of rider. It does nothing for me, and these handles are located in the perfect spot! It's pointless because for all I know, that map of my pulse rate could be completely bogus. All it would take is a program that randomly generated slightly varying graphs for everyone, although they'd all realistically be similar (i.e. spike on the launch, spike on the overbank, spike on the rock tunnel, etc.).


Awesome photos, by the way!

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Here i am again.


First thanks for all the lovely comments. Most questions have been answered already so there's more time for me to show some more pictures from my second day at the park around this ride.


I'll let the pictures do the talking (as usual)

Some might look a bit double but i'm still adding them as i like them or i feel that they are better then the one from yesterday.


Hope you like them.


time to hit the brakes..

That's it for my Blue Fire updates for the moment.


almost done



something with a tree


i'll finish up with some more pictures from a "distance".. this one is called.. up side down


going down the rocks on the other side..




one of my personal favorite photo's of today


reach out..


almost.. i'm getting there.. almost..



plenty of clearance


down the drop for the second half..


what's "wrong" in this picture??


That's a lot of hair



hitting the brakes


.. there you go.. joy


add some rocks and..


i will find a better angle...


they look so small


happy riders


Just because i do like the front of this train


and there we have another train on the brake run..


theming and coasters.. paradise??



One big loop


time to get back outside and enjoy the sun a little more..


train and fog and launch


get ready for the launch area indeed.. this one did not end up as great as i wanted to so sorry..


please turn left.. and get ready for the...


for all the people interested in the "dark" part of this ride..


let's add another 10 minutes... so still 20 minutes of planned waiting to go. I guess this gives a good impression of how popular this new ride is.



shops and people..



ok.. looks like everybody arrived a little before me...


it is now 12:30.. let's see what's going on..


this is not bad at all..


time for a small break..


Just in case you were wondering why there's hardly anybody in the pictures so far.. here's the reason...

Nothing to worry about.. all of this was planned



some of the merchandise that is available


There are still plenty of people working in the area to make sure everything is perfect



the "tunnel" into the area


But first you have to chose which line you would like to wait in


and yes.. there's a single riders entrance as well


You can still some remains from the fog that morning..


early morning.. and there's another look at this new coaster

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WOW! Thanks a bunch for sharing these!


This coaster looks amazing!

It may just be me, but the trains look kinda tall. Almost like a semi riding on the track. The restraints are a bit odd as well. Not that any of this is a bad thing, though. Just different than what I'm used to seeing.


Thanks again for sharing these!

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This coaster looks really cool! Great pictures!


Wissen Sie, wo Waldshut liegt? Diese Stadt ist ungefähr zwei Stunden von Europapark. Dort machte ich einen Familienaufenthalt für eine Woche (vor ungefähr zwei Wochen). Wir sprachte über Europapark sehr viel, aber es war die ganze Woche leider noch geschlossen. Im März ist es zu kalt für Achterbähner in Deutschland.

(Ich hoffe, dass mein Deutsch gut genug ist. )

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Hi Hanno,


really great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I think now is definitely the time to go to Europa Park. I live relatively near (about 8 hours driving from Vienna/Austria) but never made it up to now unfortunately ....

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The coaster is so beautiful(wipes away tear from eye) but seriously, wen this was originally announced I thought Mack is just copying Intamin's style, and will not do anywhere near as good of a job as Intamin. I am happy to say I have been proven wrong, and Blue Fire is now in my top ten rides I want to ride before I die.

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I think the faces say a lot about the quality of this ride...and finally the germans learned to put the arms up during rollercoater rides.

Thats a good thing...and some of the pics are really ecellent...!


P.S. A closer description of the ride experience would have been great in my opinion...

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Great photos as usual Hanno. Gives me more reason (Not that I needed more reason) to go back to Europa Park.


Heres hoping this is the type of coaster Alton Towers are getting for next year, but their version will obviously be without inversions.



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First, really can`t say more than the others! Fantastic pics from a really nice coaster. Just counting the time to ride it by myself.


...(Ich hoffe, dass mein Deutsch gut genug ist. )


Dein Deutsch ist nicht schlecht! Nur ein paar kleine Grammatik Fehler aber alles verständlich. Ansonsten schade das es zu früh für einen Besuch war, vielleicht trifft man sich ja bei der nächsten Gelegenheit mal im Park.


And there is a rumor that one coaster of the same type is ordered from MACk. But its a rumor and no one knows more about the layout or which park it ordered.

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