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CoasterSims.com no more?

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^^I second that, polishcoaster13 was definitely pretty rude. As I mentioned before, the 3D models of coasters I make with balsa wood and wire were absolutely torn apart by the people on CS. I don't want to sound soft by any means, but after you spend hundreds of hours on a project like that built from scratch and every single person on there says how it looks like sh*t, it kind of hurts a little. The only reason I went on CS so much was to download the coasters they have to offer.


Dude, you'll have to learn that the quality of a work is in no way related to the amount of time you spend on it.


You can spend years trying to turn sh*t into gold, it will always be sh*t. Even though you'll have spent years trying, when you'll show it to anyone, they'll recognize it as sh*t and not as gold.


My point is no one becomes good at his first shot. The best way to become good is to stop working on a coaster, release it, take the criticism and try to do better the next time.


CS works like real life. There's a bunch of people who have been where you are. And if they don't want to be rude, they can't be kindergarten teachers either. So they'll give you criticism according to their standards and not yours. It's on you to hold back your ego, to note down what is said and try to do better next time.


CS members can have become snobbish, certainly. But it doesn't mean what they said was rubbish.


Grow up, try having a life out of school, and then think about it.

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^Alright, I want you to spend a solid 6 months of your life working with copper wiring, tiny sheets of balsa wood, google maps (not even earth), and a lot of super glue to produce a scale model of SheiKra, Top Thrill and Insane and then tell me that. I wasn't referring to NL, I'll take heat all day about hot to make them better, but when you spend that much time working with your hands to produce something not many people do, and I would bet you have not done that either, it still isn't very fun to hear your project sucks.


You can see all the pictures of my models here and then enlighten me about that again.

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^ I totally agree with you. As an artist, I spend a lot of time and effort working on projects and when somebody negatively criticizes my work for no reason, it hurts. I can take constructive criticism well, because there's always room for improvement but I tend to skip over any negative comments...

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I do miss the collection of coasters --- and if people have a bad experience on the site they have every right to criticize it, especially if their work has been judged harshly. If you give it, you better be willing to take it.


Something tells me Hansixx was being called out? No? Incredible coasters, but I think he did make fun of people for using 3DS. I didn't upload anything because I didn't have any good tools. Still would like to invest in them.


Oh well -- MY beef with the site was that my login wouldn't work, they wouldn't answer back -- it was a very oversensitive login process. I realize people can cheat with rating etc. but some of us just wanted to download coasters and aren't so involved in the process. Some of us aren't off the deep end


If they are rude, serves them right for not being well liked or being unpopular. THAT's life.




p.s. total lol btw for the person who said that coaster community was exactly like real life. NO COASTER FORUM ON THE PLANET has any big connection to reality: pseudonyms, hyper-focusing on some nerdy experience. Come on! Life is far broader.

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The site now says:


"Theme Park News, Videos, Pictures - Nolimits Coaster, Roller Coaster Tycoon Downloads - Coaster Crazy Radio - CoasterCrazy.com is currently closed."


"The Administrator has chosen to close

this forum with the following reason:

Due to the outstanding issues going on at CoasterCrazy.com, I have decided to shut down the website for security reasons until further notice. Thank you, Oscar


Wow, we really need a new site.

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I, for one, was sad to see it go. I hope CCJared is right that it will return.


Personally, there were a few things I wish they did differently. I was not a big fan of rates being deleted for being too short. But, beside that, I didn't really think the people there were jerks. It seemed like there were actual conversations.


I've looked at coastercrazy a few times, and it just doesn't seem like the place for me. For one thing, I can't stand looking at all those flashing animated gif's so many people use for profile pictures. I thought those were played out 10 years ago.


Also, at first I thought ratings were harsh, but by the same token, it provided motivation to improve. At lot of people criticized pumping, which frankly is more a flaw with NL than anything else. I think when Ole made NL, he had no idea how detailed and smooth people would end up trying to make tracks, and NL is totally not built in a way that makes making smooth tracks easy. In fact, barring any tools, it is exceedingly difficult and frustrating!


Hopefully NL will resolve these issues. But I agree that CS was a major factor in the success of NL, and would greatly help sales of NL2 whenever it comes out.



aka macevhicz

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Your reason for not going to a site is flashing gifs for avatars? Really? :\


I was on Staff at CS...the ratings limit was a good thing. I didnt like putting months of work up and having someone rate with "It was really fun. I liked it"


Might as well tell me what kind of day you had or how good your poop was. I would be more entertained with that.

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But when you are forced to say at least a couple sentences about BT, A, and O with 20% (or whatever the exact policy was) of coasters you download, after awhile it got impossible to say anything original and meaningful. For BT, people just automatically thought "hmmm, now how can I sound technical. I know! Your coaster was pumpy. I'm such a helpful coaster genious!"


Or with O "I've seen many wooden coasters here before, so it's not too original." WTF? Yet people were allowed to post that kind of crap all the time and get by with it. If you question it, the mods let it slide.

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I completely disagree. Its easy to rate, you guys just put too much thought into it and make it 100 times harder than it has to be.


For BT it was 100% acceptable to say something like "I liked the way the ride was built. It felt smooth and rode a lot like the real thing. Maybe a few turns were too tight and one of the hills had a noticable pump in it"


It was said 100 times in the forums you dont even have to use any of the terminology. What you needed to do was just explain what you thought about the rides BT.


As for O, again, it was made out to be more than it was simply because most members misunderstood originality. If you wanna get down to brass tacks, no ride was truely original. I could nit pick about the littlest things but thats boring. Its easier to say "I really enjoyed the layout. It had that B&M feel and even while the order of the elements was similar, it still had its own style with a B&M feel. Extra points for throwing blah blah into the layout"


It was really, really easy but everyone assumed you had to be a crazy techincal genius. That simply wasnt true. And it was told you didnt have to be like that all over the forums.



As for not catching them all...its not easy to catch every single bad rate. But each bad rate was read individually and determined if it was helpful or constructive or not. I did this personally for about a year. Wasnt hard.

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