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I have to be honest, even though I like the park, it doesn't really feel 'Busch Garden-y' or South American for that matter. Netdvn offers very good tips on which you can draw inspiration and I believe you can make great things from them. I don't really like the large landscaped arch over the coaster. It's a great idea but I think it hasn't been implemented as well as it could. Think about it - that large archway of dirt is just floating in mid air. Maybe because it seems too big but something about it just seems wrong?


I also have to say that some of the buildings don't really look South American. Then again this could be because you've only shown us a small portion of the park because it could all be one area. Other than looking at pictures of SA buildings, I can't really offer you any more tips.


On the other hand, your coasters are great in terms of both layout and supports.


I'm looking forward to future updates. I hope my post doesn't sound too critical because I do like this park but I feel that it lacks something.


Keep at it!

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I can see what you're saying but I'm having a hard time making very complex buildings becuase this scenario doesn't contain any quarter tile blocks, this would make it easier but thats no excuse, I'm working on it and I've been searching for pictures of ruins from the aztec and maya culture and I've got a better idea how to pull it off now so I'll be working on it


Other thing, what do you think I schould be working on next, a Rio themed area or Expedition Andes?

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Very nice I'll try to recreate your drawing into the park if thats ok and if I can pull it off, Maybe someone can import some quarter-tile blocks into the save-game for me so it'll be easier


If you can do this for me pm me I'll send the file

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Having some problems with my computer again and since I can't reach the file for the moment I'll show you guys the completed layout of the yellow coaster,


The screen is highly unfinished and that a benefit I think because I don't really know what to do theming-wise with a lot of space around the ride so you guys can give me some hints on what to do


First of all the coaster is called EL Dorado(the golden city)

So I've placed some golden buildings around the area bu I think some temple like buildings would complement the area nicely so please post your opinion about this because I think the layout has has great themeing potential and I really want this park to be above average



Here's the layout


The empty area above needs a lot of work so suggestions are greatly appreciated

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^ Thank you for the comment. I have a few pages worth of drawings posted here. If you wish to see them, click the link in my sig.


Now back on track… The layout for the coaster looks amazing, but I think you should add a bit more theming around the ride. Maybe allow the ride to interact with some golden yellow colored buildings and structures by placing them on and around the coaster to hide the layout and to add to the sense of mystery. For a ride themed to a lost fictional civilization it seems kinda open to me.


But again, great work on the coaster. I would love to see the future lands added to the park.

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SAD NEWS, my old computer crashed again and so I've run into some trouble, I recovered the save-game but am missing OBJDATA again


So if anyone wants to help me out to get this park going again

plz send me a link or post a dl here of the file





Plz help, its very much appreciated

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Before we start another year here in BGSA I'd like to take a trip to the past and take a look at the old coaster and other major rides we have here,


I've also included an overview shot of the current status of the park so you guys have an idea when the DL will be up


EL Dorado is nearing full completion and then we'll have another season start update but first pay some respect to the oldies


I'd also like to ask if I would make expedition Andes a semi water-ride going through the mountains and make it a watercoaster/rapids river, or more like a minetrain coaster without any water









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