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coasterdude5's RCT3 POV Thread

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Thankyou so much for not using that effect again. Much much better video. The only major thing I would say to consider is a full POV ridethrough is always nice. Try to throw that in someplace.


There were a number of very very nice camera angles. The only ones I felt were kinda lacking was the one over the top of the middle of the ride looking at all the inversions. Kinda no drama there. It was kinda a letdown. A few other places it was similarly low on drama. A very quick cut as the train passes an interesting part of the track is more effective than the longer ones. Possibly a little closer too. The shot of the barrel roll was damn near perfect IMHO just a little slow as it actually went through. Many of the other shots at the end were similarly very well done. The initial full ride had some of the slower shots though and those seemed to slow the whole rush.


I gotta say though it was a very very nice video overall. I look forward to seeing more of your creations. Please don't think of my comments as too critical. I'm just throwing in my voice. Feel free to ignore me if you want.

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I've got one question... I'm just wondering how you can make the train so long. My twister coaster can only go up to 5 cars per train... also, I love that video, I wish that was a real coaster here in Florida. Last thing, the twist is like Colossus at Thorpe Park, because you go so slow as you make it through the twist. Please answer my question!

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Here's what I reccomend you do:


To avoid the possibility of any confusion we strongly recommend that you use the UPDATES button found on the game's autorun screen; or click the Check For Updates shortcut found in the Windows START menu under START > Programs > Atari > RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3. This will automatically detect which game version you have and download the latest one if necessary.
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On Dare Dive Mine (maybe) and on other RCT3 Videos the brakes seem to act as launchers(???). Is this true? Also, how long till SixFlags Clonia (Six Flags America (My home park))? The suspense is killin me!
Yep you can use the block brakes as launchers because you can set the speed that they go through them at. It works ok but I don't really make a habit of using it.
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