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Photo TR: Luna Park Tel Aviv - BLACK MAMBA opening

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So, this is a Tagada (or equivalent), right? I remember seeing one of those in a TR from England or somewhere else in Europe. I'll leave it to you to describe it in more detail, though.


Great TR and nice pictures. It's always interesting to see more obscure, out-of-the-way parks, just for their innate strangeness, and your perspective is also nicely unique.

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Well, a friend of mine that lives near SUperland just told me some great news! However it harldy seemed like a big enough deal to justify a thread of it's own, and I don't want to dig up the old Superland thread, so I'll just post it here!


My coaster senses were tingling since the last time I went to Superland and apparantly I was right! The park has apparantly constructed a new kiddieland area, which includes some sort of carousel, something called a "Lighthouse" ride, which my friend tells me he saw in the picture of it about 5-10 people sitting in a row and falling down, and it's apparantly painted red and white. The lady who works at the park couldn't tell me what that ride does so I'm hoping it's something alittle better than a frog hopper. And las tbut not least... a KIDDIE COASTER!!!


Now, I'd imagine alot of you are going "Uh... okay... so? it's jsut a kiddie area." but considering the coaster deprived country I live in(that's an exaggeration, but we have less in the entire country than what an average six flags aprk has.), this is a big deal to me. Especially since this means that for the first time ever, a park in Israel has 3 rollercoasters! Yay! I can't wait to credit whore on it! I hope that it's a big, zamperla-esque kiddie coaster, and not one like goliath Jr.


Plus, since nobody could give me a straight answer on what the lighthouse thing is, I can still hope for a decent ride.


This ALSO means that my coaster-sense can be trusted! I KNEW they were building something!


Another reason this is good news: I was told it was built next to the Kumba rollercoaster. Considering the fact that the Kumba is at the edge of the park, this brings up the possibility that the park has EXPANDED!


And if it HAS expanded, this means that the giant open grassy area which I originally thought was going to be where the new ride was going to be built is STILL avalible for construction!



Superland was an awesome park that did have some quality rides for teenagers(not on a global scale, but I do think we have one of the best SLCs out there, at least), but WAS a little low on the kiddy ride quantity, so this is probably a smart move on the park's behalf.


Several reasosn led me to believe this construciton area(pic taken last time I was there) was building something unrealted to the park! I am SO glad to find out I was wrong!

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apparantly the superland built the new area on an existing plot of land. part of which I thoguht was going to be place for a new, big rollercoaster T_T now I don't know if there's enough room for a large one. but at least there's a new kiddy coaster to whore on!



Anyhow, I am now back from my vacation to london and am ready to wrap up the TR!


The ride op was awesome enough to let me go into his booth to take some good pictures.


Halfway through the ride, the spinning stops rather suddenly, and then it starts spinning the other way.


Most of the rides in Luna Park Tel Aviv are either boring, misplaced or common. But the Tagada is one ride I am proud to have as part of my home park's ride lineup.


Only a shame they gave it that new color scheme. It used to be a sexy candy apple red.


It really tosses you around quite a bit. Now, the entire concept might look like a magor safety code violation to those of you living in the US, but in spanish carnvials, they actually let people STAND UP in the middle of the ride! There are videos of it on youtube that have people falling down and slamming into the sides like the old wheel ride at southport! I'm kind of glad that sort of behavior isn't allowed here, because I know alot of people would do it if they could. But as it stands(as far as I know) the Tagada is an accident-free ride.


It's basically like a rodeo, only instead of a raging bull there's a flamboyant couch.


It's always hysterical to look at the opposite side of the ride and see people that can't keep their legs on the ground getting tossed around, and everybody's hair going crazy. It gives you a magor headache, but it's defiantely one of the more hysterical rides out there.


This, as a result, creates ejector airtime. But since the ride has no restraints or seatbelts, people get flung around like human popcorn.


As the carnival music pumps through the speakers, One part of the ride(which is already built on a slope to begin with) bounces up and down, as the ride spins.


...And then it goes apeshit.


It starts off like your average, run of the mill spinning ride...


Alright... I said I'll explain what this thing is... Well, this, my friends, is a Tagada.


Imagine, if you will, a large round couch. No restraints, no seatbelts, no lapbars, just some railings behind you if you feel like hanging on.


See what I mean? Every single lamp in that area is heavily decorated.


The ride stopped working before I got a chance to ride it. much to the joy of the guy on the left, who was too scared to ride.


It takes up a rediculoud amount of space and theming! This ride has it's own ZONE in the park(which, in case I need to remind you, is a tiny park!) with ffancy benches, alladin style decorations, and basically more budget for theming than the enitre rest of the park! but considering that it's the ONLY ride in that zone, and there are no shops either, nobody actually hangs out there! so it's a huge waste of space and money if you ask me.


I just find it absurd that an OBSERVATORY gets this sort of theming, whereas the park's star rollercoaster has EMPTY POTTED PLANT HOLDERS for decoration.


However, this ride is the first ride that was built as part of the park's improvment process. It was the first ride built in the park that looked like it was supposed to be there, and not like it was going to up and move any day now.


Hovering over the park all day is the Flying Camel ride.


It's called that because the old logo for the fairgrounds company that owns the park was a flying camel.


It's a flying island ride, and a pretty awesome one, sicne there aren't many of it's kind in the world. It's REALLY kickass for an observatory, but...


Reason 5: The rail tracks cross over! Which is pretty awesome because I am yet to have seen this at any other park. Or even on any actual railway track.


And this isn't any tiny train. If it's coming, you best get out of the way!


Reason 4(or whatever number we're up to now) why I could never poreprly recreate my home park in RCT: The railroad tracks are built into the path.


Jimmy is part of this nutritious breakfast.


AKA the ghost train, which, despite being horribly campy, is one of the most popular rides in the park.


NO JIMMY! THAT'S A BAD JIMMY! Do NOT eat the new ride!


Jimmy likes the new ride.


Welcome to the twilight zone... Where trash cans, and pencils with faces collide... And giant pyramids of pipes can stand even if you remove one from the bottom!




In the email I sent to the park manager all those years ago(mentioned in the first post) I sugggested they convert the old, rotting chairlift station, which was used to store old umbrellas and broken benches or whatever, into something new. And I found out they FINALLY did!

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