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The Official Theme Park Review CoasterTube Videos Thread!

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Elissa how could you go on spinny coasters if spinny flat rides make you feel sick? I can't go on anything spinny. Anyways those 2 rides in the video ARE TOO CREDITS!!! They look like coasters to me since they roll on a track! I spotted Robb that was so funny!

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"I don't even believe this was a credit, but Jeff Johnson would count it as 8 because there's 8 seats and he's in line to ride every one of them. See, there he is right there."




Lots of little stuff that Jeff Johnson would like, and a few things normal TPR people would like, but no true credits (except for the Vekoma Roller Skater, of course.) A nice little combination.

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The video worked for me, but it took a little time to load in some points. Actually, now that I remember it, I had to close it and open it to keep going in some points.


It would go to about the end of the first part of the Vekoma Roller Skater POV and stop. I'd have to close it and when I opened it again, it would go about to Joey talking about walking in the rain to take pictures of a kiddie coaster that probably wouldn't open. Then, the next time I opened it, it played all the way through.

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I have uploaded 3 Chimelong Paradise POVs to CoasterTube:


Dive Coaster:



10 Inversion Roller Coaster:



Motorbike Launch Coaster:






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