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The Official Theme Park Review CoasterTube Videos Thread!

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As I add new or updated TPR videos to CoasterTube I'll post them here as well to share with all of you.


Sometimes we will post new videos, sometimes we will post older videos that we are updating for CoasterTube or just ones we think would be cool to show you all again in case you missed it the first time around!


Below is a list of videos that have been posted:

Coaster Expedition Volume 11 - Opening Segment

Comet Express POV - Lotte World

PortAventura with Theme Park Review!

Kentucky Rumbler POV/Beech Bend Park

Alton Towers with TPR - 2002

Liseberg with TPR - 2006

Terminator Testing Video - in **HD**

Amazing World - China

Hercules - In the RAW!!!

Chimelong Paradise POVs - Dive Coaster, 10 Inversion, Motorbike

Klotten in Germany!

Intimidator 305 POV

Busch Gardens Tampa with TPR - 2001

Blackpool Pleasure Beach with TPR - 2002

Power Park with TPR

Conneaut Lake & Martin's Fantasy Island with TPR - 2003

Tobu Zoo with TPR

Silverwood with TPR - 2003



Hey everyone!


Time to share another Theme Park Review video with you all. This is the "Opening Segment" to Coaster Expedition Volume 11: Japan-A-Mania TWO and while it doens't show off many parks or coasters it will give you a good vibe of what a TPR trip is like and set the stage for this installment of our DVD series.


I hope you enjoy the following video:



If you have not yet purchased Coaster Expedition Volume 11 you may do so here:

http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/in ... oductID=40


And remember, getting something from the TPR store is a GREAT way to support the site and keep TPR ad free!


--Robb Alvey

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This video gives you a little taste of how FUN going on a TPR trip can be and just how absolutely amazing Japan really is. WOW Robb, has it seriously already been almost two years?! I can't wait to go back with you guys again someday! I don't think it can ever be said enough times but THANKS for all the great times you and Elissa provide on the trips.

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Robb, Elissa, anyone else involved with the video...


Awesome editing! I love how all the songs seem like they are specially made for the video! Another quality movie I'll have to add to my collection.


Did I hear TPR will be joining NetFlix?


Haha, I wish...


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AMAZING VIDEO! You will always take the cake for best editing and music choice! BTW, I just ordered Coaster Expeditions 8,9(with shirt),10(also with shirt), and 11. A check is on the way and I can't wait!

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That was awesome, and I will order in a few years when I move out, because my mom said "that is like the geekiest thing ever" when I asked if I could by a DVD, also meaning the word NO. I cant wait until college where my coaster porn collection will be so large and so X rated... Well, lets just say I'll have some good nights.

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A few weird things I noticed:


- A Jew playing sports!

- An Aussie in Japan!

- Balls being thrown at foreign objects!

- Robb with cream on his face!

- Kid-Tums in an inappropriate t-shirt!


Overall, Japan looks so crazy and so fun, this Kiwi must find some wings again, and soon!

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^ Well, we will eventually make .mp4 versions of all the DVDs which are playable on ipod, iphone, PSP, and your PC/Mac using QuickTime Player, but I think doing a download of a 4.7gig file for a DVD quality version is not going to happen anytime soon.


Think about it, with all our DVDs being two disc sets, and we now have 13 volumes including the RAW discs, if someone wanted to download them ALL that would be about 125 gig download which would just kill our bandwidth!


So if you can live with the .mp4 quality for a download then I suggest grabbing those. (The Raw series are downloadable from the store now!)



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Thanks for the fast info. Perhaps the full resolution videos would work with an video codec like wmv, divx, h264 etc. to make smaller files.


I would use that for sure but i dont want to drive to the customs 2 hours again if i dont have to .

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Have to say, this was an awesome intro to a dvd, I really must order myself one of your dvd's soon, I keep meaning too, just keep forgetting!!!


Why was Lou wet then? (Or do we have to order some coaster porn to find out? )

What on earth are those Half Pipe type rides, they look incredibly fun!!

Meat......on......a.......stick, enough said!


Respect to you guys, what you do is awesome!



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Thanks for the fast info. Perhaps the full resolution videos would work with an video codec like wmv, divx, h264 etc. to make smaller files.


I would use that for sure but i dont want to drive to the customs 2 hours again if i dont have to .

I think the problem is simply "How many different formats do we need?" I would love to do the DVDs in every format possible, but I think it could be quite confusing for some people who aren't familiar with all the different file types and on top of it all, it's very time consuming for us to monitor.


When we did our download test back in November (the free download we made available) we learned a LOT from that. And the biggest thing we took away from it was that most people are just not ready for direct downloads.


Sure, many of us who are into it, get it, but we had a LOT of people who had trouble just simply copy/pasting the URL from the email to their browser.


We went back and re-tooled the download system now and I think it's more intuative, but I still get people who can't figure out how to drag the .mp4 file into iTunes.


And every time there is a problem, it's one more thing I have to resolve. I can only imagine if we had DVD Format, iPod/iPhone format, WMV format, H264 format, etc, etc....


We went with MP4 because it seemed to be common enough and popular enough with iPods and other mobile devices. I don't see us doing any other downloadable type of content in the next 2-3 years, sorry!



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Sorry i didnt think about all different formats, just one full resolution thats playable on a PC. Or is the mp4-movies you already offer full resolution? Then its my fault because i always think iphone / ipod videos are lower resolution .

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