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Any SFMM flash pass reviews yet?

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Not that I have seen at SFMM.


Keep in mind the idea of Flash Pass isn't new to SFMM, just the Q-Bot system. So guests at the park have been used to seeing these types of systems in place for YEARS. Disneyland has Fast Pass, Universal has Gate A passes, Sea World has Quick Queue, and Magic has had Flash Pass since the old Fast Lane days.


I think most So Cal theme park goers understand what these systems are now.



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This is regarding negative reactions to flash pass users. Although I am coming around to the idea of flash passes, I have felt for a long time that it is line jumping for a fee and every time I read those notices warning about line jumping and describing line jumping, I see that the definition matches what is done with a flash pass. The worst part is when you have already been waiting an hour or more and you anticipate getting on the next train just to have the flash pass user choose your row and not knowing if it will happen again. This is especially irritating when you waited the extra time for the front or back row.


As long as the parks are making more money with flash passes than they are losing through lost (frustrated) "regular old fashioned wait your turn in line" guests, then I guess it makes sense to keep the park open and out of the red. I like that Disney's system is open to all guests, but prefer the thrills of Six Flags.

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Well this last Saturday I was at the park for my first trip (2nd day of the trip) and school got out the day before for Californians so the park was PACKED! The line for X2 had to be 3 hours at least. It was down the stairs and everything. So we had 5 hours in the park because of a family thing we had to attend that night so my dad's fiance surprised us by getting the Gold Flash Pass. It worked wonders! We did 4 big coasters in about a hour and that's just 'cause it took us so long to walk back and forth to the ones we wanted to ride. I didn't know if I would have payed that much for the Gold at first but by the end of the day I would have probably payed more! Especially if you could get a full day in with that thing!


The downside was definitely cutting in front of people though. I mean, I understand that we payed for it and they had that option too... it just made me feel uncomfortable. Rides where the line joined before boarding were fine though (Example: Tatsu joins at the stairs going into the station and Viper joins in the station where you can choose the seat you want to wait for). We did end up giving back to the GP though. When we were turning our bot back in, we ended up giving it to the guy behind us in line for free, saving him 105 bucks! They just transferred the information from ours to theirs and that's it! It was really cool and I'm glad my dad's fiance thought of the idea.

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We splurged on a Gold Flashpass this past Tues - my wife was along, and I wanted to make sure she had the best possible experience as she's not much of a park-goer.


The pass may have been overkill given the crowd level (moderate in my estimation), but it was literally golden during the mid-afternoon. We tallied 27 rides, all but 3 on the coasters. After 7 pm, we didn't need it any longer.


I think next time I'll try the regular Flashpass and do the first-thing X-2 run. It would probably have done just as well.

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We just got home to Kansas after spending a week in LA and San Diego.


I thought the gold flash pass was definetly worth the money. We were there Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I bought season passes for all of us(only $64 each) and gold flash passes for Tuesday and Wednesday.


I recommend getting to the park before 10:00 . You can get parked and through the metal detectors before the gates open at 10:30 . The lines at the metal detectors can get long. Don't get in a line with a bunch of girls carrying bags and purses. They have to be searched and really slows the line down.


As soon as gates open at 10:30, skip the flash pass for now and run to X2. You can get a ride in before the line gets long without paying the extra $10. After riding X2 go back to flash pass center and reserve a time for X2. This works different than the other rides. You pay an extra $10 to reserve a time and have to be there at that time or you can't ride and lose the $10. All other gold flash pass reserve times will let you ride any time after your reserve time.


Random gold flash pass hints:

1. There are two flash pass lines at Superman. Right side is hiiden around the corner.

2. Flash pass doesn't save as much time on Tatsu as other rides. You still have to wait in station longer than on other rides.

3. Flash pass wasn't working on Terminator while we were there.

4.As soon as the ride op checks your flash pass make the next reservation. Your time will be ready before you can get there most times.

5. On some rides the ride op doesn't check you and you just get in line in the station. If this happens make sure you cancel that reservation and make your next reservation. You can only reserve one at a time.

6. Most important is you will do alot of walking. So be prepared. You will spend little time waiting in line and alot of walking to the next ride. We tried to stay in one area for a while. For instance we would ride Scream 3 times and Goliath 3 times then go back to Tatsu.



The first car on X2 is the most extreme. If you like to be shaken around like most older wooden coasters do , ride on the outside pod. The inside pod is alot smoother and easier on your neck.


If I think of anything else I will post later. Have a good time. We can't wait to go back.


Gary S

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