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Charybdis & Scylla (COMPLETED - Download Page3) - [NL]

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My favourite was the blue side, It just felt like it was more intense due to the sharp helixes but overall its and awesome ride all in its own.


If I'd ever win a lottery and start a themepark this and loefets telsa are the first ones I order for my park, bad thing for most of you on the forum that'll never happen and if it happens you'd have to fly to belgium

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7 out of 10.


Im boosting the score because I know a lot of planning and thought (plus a fair bit of trial and error) goes into creating a dueling coaster. Other than that, which was done well for the white track but not so well for the blue track, it suffers from sub average trackwork and G control.


The trackwork all the way around was kinda bad. I could feel almost every node and transition as if it were trying to tell me. On top of that your G-Forces, while you dont have to adhere to strict realistic guidelines are way out of line for a Invert. I was nearly pulling 5 G's a couple of times and forces were well over 4 majority of the ride. Thats really too much. Not to mention laterals, which are more important, were off the charts. I definitly had my head throw around one too many times.


That was and is my real complaint. I wish it were much better constructed to match the thought that went into the track itself. Other than some foot numbing G forces that were too much, some headbanging from lateral spikes all over its a fantastic idea. Kudos for a few things I didnt expect like how they dueled on the loops and how the white track follows the blue in the wingovers. I liked that.

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I'll be straight with you about this one.


To be honest, the track work was pretty good, but was really lacking in quite a few areas. There was a real lack of realistic G-Forces in most of the turns and a few areas that had minor pumps. Like real stated earlier, there were quite a few locations where you could really feel the nodes and the track was as a whole not what I was expecting from you.


While there were some real great interactions between the two tracks, I felt that the timings could have been better in some places and that the interaction could have been a little closer. The Airtime Hill over the Zero G Roll could have been better, it would have been better if you had more pace over the hill to give the riders some negitives.


Overall it wasn't bad, it just wasn't as good as I expected from you. Overall a 7/10

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