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Robb Alvey on In The Loop Podcast!

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Listen to the podcast here: (you don't need an iPod to listen to it!)



It was a awesome good time trying to derail CoasterBoy's honest attempt to have a "Serious" show!


We cover everything from Michael Vick's Penis to Texting Ryan; from circumcision on a roller coaster to Dolly Parton's boobs!


Listen to TPR and CC members call in and ask CoasterBoy totally random stuff!


I promise you will be VERY entertained!





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Dude I'm 20 minutes into it and it is so funny how professional Coasterboy is trying to keep the show, but you are changing the directions a bunch with jokes (That he's not getting!) This guy deserves a coaster trip that doesn't invlove Mom phobia! He's 20, he should be able to go without her...?

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Robb, you need your own podcast man. We all know you have product deadlines at work, coaster trips to plan, dvds to edit and a baby to keep track of, but you would do pretty well with one. You're jovial, have a good sense of humor and a voice that doesnt scare people away


BTW Piers, those sounds you heard are what as known as in the broadcasting business as "drops", usually a sound fx that adds to the said "ambiance" of the broadcast

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He is definitly a character I'll give him that! He kept talking about his Mom's phobias, but clearly he shares the same and maybe even a like more like TPR Phobia!


I had Ryan's #, but after listening to the end of the show, I decided I didn't want to get involved! I should Email Dan about this.

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I have not laughed so hard in ages! Robb, definately think you should do a Podcast....maybe a monthly one or something, so as not to interfere too much with work etc...



You owned Coasterboy!!!


EDIT - just got to the end of the PODCast......laughing even more now!!!




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I'm not a big fan of podcasts but this one was all kinds of awesome! I was when you were describing TPR's quality. "6...maybe 6.5 on a good day." Classic! I've never met you Robb, but after listening to this I know we'd get along quite well. Keep the good stuff coming!

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