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Marching band, anyone?

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I did marching band for 3 years at my high school (Highland Regional High School) & was battery (drumline) captain my senior year. We won one Chapter Championship in 2006. I also did indoor drumline for 3 years & last year we were the Champions! I didn't do indoor this year because I didn't want to do it & I needed a job to pay for my car. My school is one of those schools were the band is WAY better than the football team.

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Me and some of my friends got kicked out for bad behavior.


I'm curious... what did you do?


Lots of stuff. Played my own parts I made up off the top of my head, made loud noises, didn't pay any of her "fees", annoyed the teacher cause I hated her, built towers out of the chairs and stands..


It was one of the days to sign up for next semester classes, and she came up to me and she was all "Brandon, I've been talking with the administration, and I think it's best you don't sign up for band again.". And I told her "Well I think I am anyway" and she's just all "....no, you're not" hahaha


I miss band

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I'm curious, has anybody on TPR marched drum corps? I auditioned for Crossmen this November and made it to second round, but couldn't make those auditions. Next year I plan on trying out for both Boston Crusaders and Crossmen again.


I marched Glassmen 1996-1998 in the hornline (sop the first two years, mello in 98). Best times of my life.


When I moved to AZ for school, there was no drum corps around at the time (Academy was in its infancy, only played standstill concerts). So I decided to do winter guard instead. And I marched 4 years in AZ groups, and then 2 years with Corona when I moved to Cali.


Now I teach two guards, Santa Monica HS, and Hawthorne Gold Drum Corps (Open Class).


Glassmen 1998



Santa Monica Guard in London Parade

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Don't forget to wear sunscreen!


Quoted for truth! Our whole band was sunburned by the end of the week, lol.


Our band camp was 8am-8pm and ended just this Friday. It was pretty much hell (marching/playing 12 hours under 100+ degree heat, not fun), but hey band kids make things fun, I'm sure anyone in band here would agree, lol. Fisher, you're going to have a blast. Band camp can seem really intimidating at first, but it's really fun once you get used to everything. Hope you have fun.


Just curious, what's the 'themes' to everyone's shows this year?

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I wish I would have stayed in band, but I quit right before band camp because I didn't like the director. Now I just wish I could play drums better, oh well.


I am a marching band nut though. I plan on going to a Purdue footbal game this year just to see the band play.

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Band geek galore here.


In HS I did Concert, Jazz and pit Orchestra all on Trumpet I also played Concert and Jazz band in middle and Elementary school too.


Play Drums in a Bagpipe band since I was 5 and havent played in a year or so since I moved around a lot.


Played in a concert band Freshemen year of College but not the Marching Band because they were so awful.


Now about marching band!

3 years in HS here are the shows we did.

Chuck Mangione - Simple Jazzy show with some added flair. We didn't do too much special in this show but the End was pretty raw power!


Newsies - Fun show with a great story, really good for our color guard. I also had a small solo in a trio setting which was a lot of fun cus it was just rocking out by ourselves with a lot of lee way on what we played.


Rise and Fall of Rome - BY FAR the best show we did, we were undefeated with it until finals. The First Trumpets were one of the 2 best sections (our snares were amazing) and we had a sick part for the four of us. by this point we all had some decent range too and played around with the octaves in the show. We changed the ending to a sick ascending chord with progressively higher notes C to E to G, first above the staff.


I also made it through 9 camps for the Crossmen but got cut in the end that was in 2006 when they did the Cruisin show and before they moved to Texas.


I won't get into DCI here or I'll be typing for another 3 hours but GO CADETS I hope they over take BD this year but BD's show is REALLY REALLY GOOD. Also a big welcome back to SCV who are playing my all time favorite song appalachian spring and MAN do they have power but no "Vanguard" break or V in the cymbals but oh well...

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We just completed our band camp this year, and were back to a band larger than 200. last year was fun because we were invited to play at the Ohio State Skull Session and were the first out of state band to play there.

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I was on danceline all four years of high school, which is a marching band auxillary, so I guess you could consider me part of the band. I had to go through band camp just like the people who played instruments! And I had to do high kicks and difficult dance routines in the hot summer, in Alabama. And we had to learn to march just like everyone else. I hated drill downs. Gosh, they would get so confusing!


Our band director had a thing for classic rock. Three out of four years our show consisted of classic rock, with the exception being my sophomore year. We did a Batman theme. It was pretty cool.

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