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What would you do if you were offered ONE classic coaster...

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Either from the past or present.


Say for example, a millionaire said "I'll buy you any coaster you want, its not allowed to be custom built from new, it has to be either one that is standing at mo, or one from the past".......


What would you pick?



I am completely obsessed with Drachen Fire, so would probably ask for that.


Dont want any of the S&S Arrow rubbish, i want old school, rib breaking, whiplash creating Arrow!!!


Failing that my second choice would be an Arrow shuttle loop. Built into the floor so the station is at ground level. I would enclose it and make the interior pitch black so first time riders wouldnt know the layout.


As the train reaches the end of the first launch, i'd have in house strobes that flicker slightly to add to the effect and disorientation.


Ive been thinking about this whilst on a course today and would be interested to see what you guys would pick if it was offered to you on a plate!!


Arrow induced hard on!


Enough excitement to cause a stir in my pants!

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I'd pleasantly decline. How would I ride it and where would it go?

If the ride could be placed at a local amusement park, I'd choose to have Crystal Beach Cyclone, Yeah it was considered to be dangerous and whatever, but at least one ride would be alll worth it.

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Crystal Beach Cyclone - Designed by Intamin

Riverview Bobs - Designe by Intamin - I'm surprised nobody mentioned this yet!

Rye Aeroplane - Designed by Intamin



Anton Schwarzkopf's Thriller (unmodified) - Designed by Intamin

King's Island Bat - Designed by Arrow, complete with insane turns intact

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^^ None of the wooden coasters I mentioned were designed by Intamin. In fact they were all built before Intamin became a company, but imagine a PnP clone of Riverview's Bobs or the CBC.


On top of that, I would love to see...

A PnP clone of Phoenix or Voyage.


Or a B&M-designed modern-day Space Diver.

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-Zonga/Tsunami back when it was on the German funfair circuit as Thriller.

-Drachen Fire pre modification

-The Bat @ Kings Island


But in actuality I'd suggest to the kind millionare that instead of bending the fabric of space and time to bring a ride from the past to the present, that they instead buy me a tricked out Huss Breakdance.

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Ooooh adding a new dimension to

The thread.......... I'd have to pick a mondial topscan too.


I love them beyond belief, however if it was in my garden I'd have to abolish the minimum 15 person rule that parks over here follow and just have me on it by myself!!

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Okay, here's my evil plan: I'll take the most expensive ride I can think of, and then figure out how much I need to charge per ride to make a healthy profit on it while still keeping it properly maintained. I'm thinking this shouldn't turn out to be too outrageous a number, since I didn't have to pay to have the ride built in the first place.


Expedition Everest, maybe? How does $3.00 a ride sound?


Then, with the money I make from that, I'll build a refreshment stand.....

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