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Disneyland Resort PTR - March 25th


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Wow, great report! I am jealous of Club 33. I wouldn't care if they served McDonald's, just the exclusivity of it is cool. I like pirates, but after being stuck on it for over an hour after an earthquake it lost a little bit for me as well. It seems like I missed a great day at Disneyland, even if it was busy. The inlaws were in town the previous week so we couldn't take any more vacation days after the WCB.

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When you told me it would be expensive I was expecting about $50 a plate. Having to pay for admission rather than signing myself in for free would have been a deal breaker if I had known, but on top of it you guys spent over $100 that day! Thank god I didn't go. I've already been and have pictures to prove it. Going a second time and paying that much would have been a waste of money for me.

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This is why I don't eat tacos!! Hahahaha who am I kidding, I'm a freaking Mexican of course I eat tacos! Anyway, here's the few pics from my phone that I took (I need to remember to keep my camera batteries charged at all times...) nothing to exciting really. Just a few more pics to add. Hopefully I shouldn't have to apologize for my pics since my phone has a decent-ish camera, at least I think it does.



Hector "I've eaten more Tacos in my life then Chris ever will!" G.


Once again, I truley am Adorkable!


Beam me up Scotty!


"Just take one, they'll never know!"


Also Artsy, Also stolen from Chris (but inspired by me)!


geebus I look freakin HUGE in this picture, if it wasn't the only pic I have of myself on the balconies you wouldn't be seeing this right now.


Mmmmm none on-bones or fishy food on my plate.


I'm not here to wash the dishes, I have a ticket!


Forgive the horrible cuticles! I'm not the kind of girl to get her nails done.

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