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Photo TR: Mall of America & Wisconsin Dells

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first off, I got two and from Wisconsin safely. and I enjoyed my four day vacation away from work to visit the land of cheese, now onto the trip report


Mall of America

The first thing my parents and I did was when we flew into Minneapolis on friday afternoon was visit Mall of America, and for one good reason...Credit Run. This has been my second time I've visited Snoopy Camp in MoA, and the last time I've been there was when I was a kid and at that time I hated coasters, I didn't even want to ride Pepsi Ripsaw, But this time, I wanted to hit the coaster with full force. When we got into the park I bought my points ticket and the first ride i hit was Timberland Twister. It's the same exact thing as MSP, but there are a few differences which are..


- No Singles line

- Entire ride is elevated higher than MSP due to paths below the ride.


My thoughts about it, I enjoyed it, I did notice it's not as smooth as MSP, but that's because MSP is still brand new.


Pepsi Ripsaw is another fun coaster, they only run one train but it zips along the track. I enjoyed it.


When we headed out of the mall, I saw bowling on the 4th floor so I did one game of bowling and I did not like the alley. First off, the entire place was lit up with dark lights, and when I bowled, it was like I was bowling on fake wood.


Mount Olympus

On Sunday, my parents took me down to the Wisconsin Dells since the primary reason I wanted to come along to Wisconsin with my parents was to hit Hades and Avalanche. I also met up with Dave (Kneemeister) at the dells.


the first ride we hit was Hades which was freakin amazing! If you ever get out to the dells, make sure to hit this ride. As most of you know when looking at the pictures, the train drops out of the station, but it's hard to tell where it goes from there. well, the train zips around some turns and little hills right before going up the lift hill. when you hit the top, you go down the first drop into the tunnel where you can not see where you are going. While traveling through the tunnel it is pitch black and all you feel is the train bouncing around in the messed up track and then making the 90 degree bend. When going through the bend, it happens so quick, the only way you can tell you're 90 degrees is when looking at the end and seeing the world on its side. That's what Dave said. Then it goes through the part on the opposite side of the parking lot, then back into the tunnel for some more bumps and turns and the final part of the ride.


This coaster does not have trim brakes and when riding it, it does not feel like it gradually slows down. It feels like it's going the same speed as you started off when riding into the brake run.


Positive remarks

- amazing tunnel element

- seems like it maintains a good speed

- wait times aren't that long

- It's Hades, nuff said.


Negative remarks

- one train operation, no transfer track for a second train.

- theres one turn right before the brake run that's a bit rough.


Of course we spent a full day at Mount Olympus and we hit almost all the coasters except dive to atlantis due to long lines and the kiddie coaster. Reason why we didn't hit Dive to Atlantis was the line was an hour wait and it wasn't worth it since they only have three cars. That's it.


My second favorite coaster at Mount Olympus was Cyclops. Dave said that this is the ride where you have to be 18 years or older to ride in the back car. And they even had to take off the last car of the train because the coaster was so intense. I was a bit nervous so we rode the last seat and omg, that ride has ejection airtime just like phoenix. The hill next to the station caused me to almost fly out of my seat and land on the seat divider between dave and I.


My favorite go-kart track was the Helio's track right next to the baseball cages. Reason why... I came in first in the go-kart race and I got 5 laps in while everyone else got 4. I started off in the second spot with my Mom in the lead, I tried to pass her on the right but she cut me off causing me to hit her, so I pulled back and passed her on the left, and from there I gunned it and zipped around.


Extreme World

During our time at Mount Olympus, we headed over to Extreme World because they had a Scad tower and I wanted to ride it. I did shell out 40 bucks for it but it was worth the thrill of free falling 100ft into a big net. When going up, I had no fear, I wasn't nervous, and I was ready for the thrill of just free falling with no cables attached. Riding this ride makes me less interested in Skycoaster since on Skycoaster, you're attached to cables. whats the point in getting the feeling of free falling when you got cables.


After riding Terminal Velocity (That's what the Scad Tower was called) twice, I bought the DVD and I got it uploaded onto the internet for you guys to enjoy



Timber Falls Adventure Park

After hitting Mount Olympus, Dave, my parents, and I headed over to Timber Falls so Dave and I could get one ride in of Avalanche. This is an amazing ride and I wished we rode it in the back seat since that ride has some excellent airtime hills. We sat in the front so we didn't get a lot of airtime. So heres another tip, if you guys do go out to the dells and choose to ride Avalanche, try the back seat and see if you do get more airtime then the front seat.


Ride Wait Times

Hades: about 20 minute wait

Dive to Atlantis: 1hr wait

Zeus, Cyclops, Pegasus, Avalanche: Walk On

All the Go-Karts: at least 20 minutes wait each

Water slides: dunno, we didn't hit up the waterpark

Now onto the photos finally


Avalanche has like a square layout that goes around the entire park


Dave in line for Avalanche


Entrance to Timber Falls which only has two rides and mini golf.


You hit the net pretty fast and hard.


I'm falling with no cables attached.


The ride-op said that the distance between the bucket and the net is 100ft. Then I say it's maybe another 25-40ft from the net to the base.


Some other guy and I accending to the top of the tower


Looking out towards Mount Olympus


Base of the Scad Tower.


Hades in the back with Zeus in the front.


Does anyone notice that the Hot Dog has a thing for ketchup...or is it just me since my mind is always in the gutter.


Hades train dropping out of the station


Dive to Atlantis...The line was at least an hour long all day.


Hades from the parking lot.


Yankee finds bowling alley so he plays a game


Overlooking the park (Part 2)


Overlooking the park (Part 1)


My Dad (on the right) riding Timberland Twister


Eek! Close up of the Yankee, everyone run!


Timberland Twister


Flying over the mid-west. I can already smell cheese

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^ oh sorry, i forgot to mention that.


Hades: about 20 minute wait

Dive to Atlantis: 1hr wait

Zeus, Cyclops, Pegasus, Avalanche: Walk On

All the Go-Karts: at least 20 minutes wait each

Water slides: dunno, we didn't hit up the waterpark


[Edit] I edited the main post too, I got the new video link which has the file as a .wmv format so it's a smaller file and it should work if you use Windows Media Player. If not, then well, your computer has issues or it's a box with the words computer on it.


www.kneebush.com/craig/ScadTower.wmv [/edit]

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Damn, you know i need to figure out a way to get there to ride some of those coasters


Hades looks cool, maybe one of these days


and there is something that bothers me about hot dog man, he just looks.....wrong somehow

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It was a real great time, even with the 90 degree plus temps. Funny Craig was so excited about running across the road for the Scad but i could not get him to even try a ride on Disco'. I was real upset when they moved the boom behind Craig for his 5th lap as i was in second and gaining, argh!!


As to Avalanche; last month, we (Corey, Brent, New Jersey Rob, Dan and I) spent the 15 bucks for the evening ride pass, and tried every seat on the train in the span of half an hour. Every seat gives a slightly different ride, and there all good. esp the middle on the right side. Oh and dont miss the great flume there also.


It was great to at last actually meet someone that I have chatted with on AOL almost everyday for the past year or so, hope you enjoyed our midwest hospitality, ya Freak.

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I liked AValanche beter then Hades... hades was great but just seemed to lack something for me.. ALso why did you ride ride it once? just get the all day pass and take 6 or 7 laps like I did


We only rode it once because we were short on time since we had to drive back up to Eau Claire and meet up with some friends for dinner. Plus the 14.00 unlimited rides pass started at 5pm and we were there at about 4:30.


You said that Hades seems to maintain its speed. Is it not crawling over the hill after the first tunnel and the hill after the second tunnel anymore?


I don't really recall it crawling over any hills it was going pretty fast through out the entire circuit.

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Thanks for the pics! Lovely, all those woodies... I wish we had some more woodies here in Europe! (Yeeees, I'm a wood-lover).


Do you have more pics of Mall of America? I'm really curious to see more of that park. How they worked out the indoor concept...

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Thanks for the pics! Lovely, all those woodies... I wish we had some more woodies here in Europe! (Yeeees, I'm a wood-lover).


Do you have more pics of Mall of America? I'm really curious to see more of that park. How they worked out the indoor concept...


yeah I got a few more. How they worked out the concept of having an indoor park is, the park is smack dab in the middle of the mall, and they got a circular hallway on each floor that goes around the park.


layout of Timberland Twister


water fountain in park


Photo from www.mallofamerica.com

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