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Photo TR: Hail Atlanta

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^^Ah, yes, the contoured Coke can. They tested it and then withdrew it from the market because they were getting stuck in vending machines. Now that you mention it, they didn't have one of those at the museum... but that's OK; I have my own.


For the record, I also still have an unopened bottle of Crystal Pepsi and a full can of Pepsi Holiday Spice... but we'll save those for some other time.

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...and Daddy D'z Bar-B-Q Joynt. I suggested perhaps we could eat here, but we decided it was in what looked like a less-than-desirable part of town, and we were slightly lost at the time. Turns out we really should have eaten there. A post-trip web search shows the Food Network has rated Daddy D'z one of the best independent barbecue restaurants in the South. All I know is, it sure smelled good!


Someone else I know rated it highly as well.


Thanks for that in-depth look at the World of Coke. I've always sorta wanted to take the tour, but couldn't quite justify paying for it. Now I feel like I've been there....and that works for me!

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^^Yeah, my dad has an entire shed full of old soda bottles and memorabilia, but his main interests (not just in bottles, but collecting in general) are items from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. A few years ago he found some Big Nickel bottle caps to go with his Exmore bottles, along with some New Moon caps from Salisbury. They were the crown jewels of his cap collection... until he recently found some Crisfield Beverage Co. caps on eBay. Crisfield, being his (and my) hometown, takes precedence over everything!


^Now I'm doubly disappointed I didn't go to Daddy D'z. But I really enjoyed your photos of the aquarium. We were on the fence about going in there, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth the money. Kind of like your World of Coca-Cola situation, only one building over.

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The neighborhood that Daddy Dz is in is pretty safe, during the day at least. I still have my reservations about the area at night admittedly.


$10 for World of Coke is better than $10 spent at most other museums. One of the better ones I've been too. I think its a better value than the aquarium, but then again, I'm not a huge fan of aquariums to begin with

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The torch in front of the Varsity was bought an put there by a man who felt the real olympic torch was ugly and did not represent the city well, kind of like a torch in protest (thats the story I have read about it.) The real torch is on the main street that takes you to Turner Field

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