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Photo TR: Chessington WOA 22-03-08

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Today was Annual Pass Preview day at Chessington World Of Adventures today and I decided to head up to the park too see what work had been going on over the closed season.


The park itself looks wonderful, alot of stuff has been cleaned up and painted and looks like new which was great too see.


The parks operations were very good and there was only a few minor breakdowns throughout the day. A much much better show then Thorpe Park opening day.


All staff are very friendly and a shout out to the guy at Guest Services whos name I didn't catch but recognized the TPR shirt!


That does it for the rides side off things, if anyone wants too see the Zoo part then I will post it tomorrow.


Expect new POV's to come very soon!


And a whole lot of spinning!


Abit of that.


It does abit of this


Next up was the best spinning coaster I have ever been on!


Me filming the POV of Safari Skyway that you will see very soon!


The very sexy Chessington Hotel!


Backstage SeaLife center porn!




Now I shall post a few photos my cousin took while I was filming.


Now its time for Safari in the Sky!


Which really was trying hard to kick my arse today!


(Check out my Rattlesnake POV in the rain on CoasterTube: http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Rattlesnake )


After lunch was time for the Rattlesnake!


"Now which way to our next ride? Ah thats right, head out of the park, turn right and continue onto the M25 Northbound, follow the signs directed Thorpe Park and ask a member of staff where to go on from there!"


5 doughnuts and a large Coke obviousally!


But no worries I did help this man with his 2 big bags while he carried a basket on his head before we made out decision for lunch, which was........


We had a choice of the parks 2 new eating establishments.


The Pizza & Pasta Buffet or the Fried Chicken co, which I now realise I didnt take a photo off!


On our travels to the land of fine dining we come across something I havent seen in a LONG time. Bash Street Bush was WORKING. This is unheard of in a long long time!


Which is now "Private Parts" which only Staff have access to!


As we decided to make our way too get something to eat we ecided to take the long route and came across the old railway route.


and making abit of a splash!


Entering the deep dark throat of this dragon who has had a nice new coat of paint on.


Then we finnaly arrived at the Dragon Falls, which involves......


and having a go at trying too do the same lip thing the GIANT Budda does.


After the Tomb we headed to Dragon Falls, but not before we paid a visit to our go friend Tom!


Also this gave us no indication what so ever on what way to go to get in............


So as we were not very sure what way too go i decided to take a while guess and go that way! Who knew it would be the right way to go!


We tried to follow this map to find a way too get in but it really didnt help.


But not before a cuddle with my sphinx friend. Which made him very happy.


After giving the Vampires bush a good kicking we went over to do some blasting in the tomb.


The Vampire is still a very good ride but sadley the Vampire forgot to shave over the closed season and has a bad case of overgrown bush, which resulted in my hitting his bush alot with my feet.


(Check out my Vampire POV on CoasterTube: http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=VampirePOV )


and a funny statue lady!


Such as sexy new purple fences!


Next up was the "Fangtastic" fright of the Vampire, which has had many "upgrades" over the closed season!


They do now offer therapy for the Bubble workers who saw the horrific Bubble War, but that can be torture for some who are not ready for it!


First stop of the day was Bubbleworks, where Bubbles are tourtured by listening to badley placed music, endless quacking and the thought that they all killed Proffesor Burp in a horrific Bubble war!


First port of call was Guest Services to be serviced sexually because we are guests!


Not really, but I bet I just made alot of people opinion of Chessington go up alot! We actually went there to pic up my Cousins disabled wristband and be informed of the new disabled policy they have.


Today is an EXCLUSIVE EVENT ONLY and if you are not exclusive we will be forced to call the SAS and they will take you out!


Welcome to Chessington World of Adventures!

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Nice report, Craig. I visited Chessington with TPR in 2006 and really enjoyed the place (especially Vampire).

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Yea Vampire is a great ride, but hitting trees with my feet is not the highlight of the ride for me!


I will have the videos up very soon, once i've finished testing on CoasterTube I will load them all up!



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Also the first POV is uploaded and can be viewed below


I love rides with narration! I might have to go to Chessington just for that - the last time was when I was about 12 and I don't remember much.

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