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Photo TR: SeaWorld Orlando

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During my four years in Orlando, SeaWorld was the one park I always felt I never spent enough time at. So on our most recent visit to that part of the world, I was determined to spend at least a full day there--and maybe even, you know, see some shows.


Since Kraken is visible throughout much of the park, and since Misty and I both had cameras (and are both total dorks), a sort of contest quickly sprung up. The idea was to try to capture a Kraken train in the background of interesting photos of non-static things (say, a show or animal exhibit). Sounds easy, right?


So who was victorious? Read on....


One last shot of the entrance as we depart. But now I offer you, gentle reader, the same challenge: Does anyone out there in TPR-land have a better "Kraken Challenge" photo?


And it's a big fat WIN for Misty! Let's give her a round of applause!


Remember the Kraken Challenge? Nice picture of the whale and trainer, but no train for Erik.


There's a souvenir for a lucky fan.


I recall that the SeaWorld used to emphasize how undeserved the name "killer whale" was. Now they're all about how it's the "top predator of the sea." Hmmm....


This is, though. Shamu! Shamu!


These are not real killer whales.


The Sky Tower from across the lake.


AND a big statue out front! Dude, wake up! :OP


See? Here are some likenesses of him in the gift shop.


I wonder if this polar bear realizes what a big deal he's supposed to be...?


It's got awesome SeaWorld Orlando exit theming, though.


Wild Arctic. It's a Star Tours style motion simulator with a pilot even worse than Pee Wee Herman.


Misty getting jazzy with it.


Jazzy Jellies


Ocean Commotion


This one was much better than San Antonio's version.


...like the Shamu Express.


Now it's full of awesome family rides.


Shamu's Happy Harbor has changed a lot though, since I was last here.


Apart from the beer no longer being free, this area doesn't seem very different.


We didn't ride the paddle boats. Sure are purty, though.


My favorite fish: the Leafy Sea Dragon. See it? It's right there!


Underwater tunnel thingy at Shark Encounter.


Who wants to feed some sand sharks?


I forget what this was called, but it was awesome. [Edit: "Heavenly Delight Sun & Moon"]


And now to satisfy my urge to eat someplace expensive, Shark's Underwater Grill.


Lady, you're not a penguin.


Penguins rule.


Ever wondered what stingrays feel like? Well...they're furry.


They seem nice enough down here.


Misty doesn't like dolphins. Why? Because they're cocky. (Yeah, I don't get it, either.)


Do not disturb the Kraken's eggs, as they have little eels in them.


Close up shot! (With JTA in the background.)




I would call Kraken above average, for a B&M multi-looper. I prefer the Steel Eel, though. :O)




Kraken has nice entrance and exit theming.


That's not funny, Misty: Octopi are TERRIFYING.


...with cool stuff like this in it.


The best gift shop ever. It has an aquarium in it.


Mom leads the way to the gift shop.


Secret coaster-part splash down.


"Leaving so soon? I think not."


The storyline isn't really apparent anymore, but it's still a fun ride.


Maybe you have to have been a ride op at a Disney or Universal type park to really appreciate it, but JTA's loading dock is the greatest thing ever.


There used to be a preshow video in the queue that kind of explained things.


Misty had never been on JTA, so I busted out the sepia.


My official entry in the Kraken Challenge!


More sea lions at the Pacific Point Preserve.


Note to self: Don't volunteer for shows at SeaWorld.


"Clyde & Seymour Take Pirate Island" (And Kraken Challenge fail.)


Let's go check out the Otter & Sea Lion Show!


Nothing going on in Bayside Stadium today.


Shamu Stadium


Kraken doing its thing.


Journey to Atlantis


How do we get on that???


Let's see what this park has to offer....


Technically, it's an upcharge ($3.00 or so), but it was free with our BGE platinum passes.


I was really excited to finally get to ride the Sky Tower. It had always been down on my previous visits.


Pearl divers. It's really just an elaborate scheme to get you to buy pearls, but it's an artful one.


An artistic shot of an art gallery type gift shop (by Misty).


The Waterfront section is comprised mostly of shops and restaurants.


Manta is shaping up nicely. Not quite ready for this visit, though.


SeaWorld Orlando has my favorite entrance of any park, ever.


Hooray, we're here!

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Maybe you have to have been a ride op at a Disney or Universal type park to really appreciate it, but JTA's loading dock is the greatest thing ever.


LOL! Agreed. Is that triple grouping without air-gates in between to man?! I'm in love.

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Some very cool pictures (especially the Kraken Challenge pics). The park looked so dead and empty, but I guess that is what you get you when you go to a Marine-Life Park in March.

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The park looked so dead and empty, but I guess that is what you get you when you go to a Marine-Life Park in March.


Don't tell that to the kid bitching about his trip to Sea World of Texas this week.

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I don't think this TR is Jahan approved, there are too many penguins. This is my favorite Sea World photo TR ever on this site(no offense to others) but this was awesome. As said above, Sea World Orlando was even nicer than I imagined.

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Thanks Erik, I put some of your pictures in the Park Index.


Thanks, Larry. I'm a big fan of the park index, and I definitely take that as a compliment. (And I'm glad I finally figured out my camera. )


It is a beautiful park--the rival of BGE, even. And I think that, in the past, I've made the same mistake that many coaster enthusiasts do by treating it as just a place to pick up a credit or two. But there really is quite a bit more to do there.

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Awesome pics & TR. I wish I can spend more than two hours at Sea World when I'm there for my Senior Trip in June but I'm just doing a credit run on Manta & the kiddie & maybe one or two rides on Kraken & JTA if I have time. It has been four years since I've been to Sea World & I forgot how great their theming was.

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Erik, most awesome SWO PTR. (Two acronyms in one sentence! Woo hoo! lol) I haven't been there since May 2005. I am definitely psyched about using my D40X at this park, more than any park I will be visiting in July. The colors and theming are amazing! I would definitely say you figured your camera out with the quickness. Your photos are amazing! Me, I have had mine since Dec 2007, and I still stuck on mostly auto features. I am fighting the manual features, but have been trying to take advantage of the shutter priorities for the dark pics. I am slowly learning. Maybe one day I can graduate into the other features.


I may beg to differ about your Shamu Kraken pic though. I almost feel that I spy the train going up the lift behind the trees.... I can't blow it up with enough clarity on my pc, maybe you can check it out?


edit: I am definitely down for the Kraken challenge, if you want to wait until July that is! (Hopefully I remember!) Any rules?


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^ No rules beyond what I already laid out. You just have to get a Kraken train and something else cool that moves. You know, like a shark eating a penguin or something.


In any case, it was just a silly thing for fun. So, remember, there are no prizes.


I look forward to your TR in July.


Oh, and I don't think there's a train here, but appreciate you working for me. ;)

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