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Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL) Discussion Thread

P. 38: Hong Kong Disneyland reopened as of February 19th!

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They really aren't playing around. I was just thinking "that's weird, I hadn't heard about Hong Kong having a surge" so I Googled it and apparently a city of 7.5 million people is shutting down for 2 weeks because they're at 88 cases and 0 deaths on a seven day rolling average.

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^^ It's not even just Hong Kong. Singapore decided that the numbers for Hong Kong were also too high and delayed opening a 'travel bubble' between the two countries to 2021 due to it. 

At the end of the day I’m sure Disney will be fine. Ocean Park was already on government bail outs before corona and was getting a lot of negative publicity (mostly from SCMP which has a huge bias against the parks land) about that money. 

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Hong Kong Disneyland reopened as of February 19th, 2021!



We’re pleased to share that today Hong Kong Disneyland announced that its park will officially reopen on February 19, 2021! 

In honor of Hong Kong Disneyland’s 15th Anniversary, guests will be able to experience the new Castle of Magical Dreams, the re-imagined centerpiece of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and attend the special celebration of the resort’s anniversary.  During these celebrations, guests can enjoy new exhibits and audio tours to learn more about the castle’s transformation as well as enjoy exclusive merchandise and food and beverage offerings.

In alignment with the latest guidance from government and health authorities, the resort will continue to implement enhanced health and safety measures, including requiring face coverings and physical distancing. These measures will continue to be reviewed and adjusted based on the latest government regulations.

“I’m very proud of our Cast Members for their dedicated efforts in preparation for our reopening, especially during this trying time for all of us,” said Michael Moriarty, managing director for Hong Kong Disneyland. “Our recovery will be an important part of revitalizing the tourism industry in Hong Kong – serving as a beacon of hope, courage and possibility, much like our Castle of Magical Dreams.”

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...And without all the lettering there... that shot of The Castle top, with The City in the distance....

Breathtaking! 🥰 Love it! And that's a postcard!

And Best Wishes to all involved, for an awesome re-Opening there!


Man, has it been nearly 9 years since then? Jon and me in front of The Old Itty-Bitty Castle. TPR China/HK Tour, 2012.

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Well, I must admit. Now that I keep looking at that ^^^ photo, several memes come to mind...

"The Real World is Just a Fairy's Dusting Away!"

"Look Tink ~ Neverland Right Ahead!"

"Beyond Our Fantasy ~ Lies Your Reality"


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New construction photos of "Arendelle - Land of Frozen" posted, by HKDL_Fantasy. Thanks!


Top of the Clock Tower in the Village, has arrived.


Oaken's Slidin' Sleighs coaster track is looking nice and twisty.

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As I see all the 'jumble' of track there, some of which I assume will be enclosed and covered with "mountain," I don't think this is a clone of the Mine Train ride, at all. There was a rumor that the sleigh cars would be something like the mine cars, swinging side to side. But I am pretty sure that's not happening with this one. And when you look at most of the layout, it does look like there's only one lift hill in it.

So I'm going with "new ride altogether." 🎢


Earlier photo taken. Lift hill on right. And that's it as far as I can see.

It actually looks like it might be a quicker (timed) ride than the Dwarfs' Mine Train.

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Not sure when this started but Hong Kong Disneyland is closed every Tuesday and Thursday. I assume low visitors due to Corona. 

For comparison, Ocean Park is closed every Tuesday.

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