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Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL) Discussion Thread

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^ I can't wait for 2023, when it's all (supposedly) finished with the renovations and the new Attractions / Lands.


Woo Hoo! (We're combining HKDL Resort, with TDL Resort Tour, in 2024!)


P.S. I also believe with the way they are colour-combining attractions (see artwork) literally beside each other

(AntMan, IronMan, and eventually, Marvel), they have got to change the colouring of Space Mountain

to work with everything else beside it.... Don't they? Which might bring it back to the freeky copperish thing they

did to it in Disneyland back in 1998! Who knows? Possible? Hmmm.

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Starting in January, the castle starts going through it's "transformation," as posted by http://www.tdrexplorer.com :


Hong Kong Disneyland is in the middle of its multi-year development from now until 2023. Which includes the beginning of the transformation (or refurbishment if you want to call it that) of Sleeping Beauty Castle in January 2018 and completed by sometime in 2019 (no date is set yet).


The official website has a message indicating when the transformation of the castle begins:


"Hong Kong Disneyland will kick off the castle’s transformation following the finale of the “Disney in the Stars” Fireworks on January 1, 2018."


There are no other details other than what’s stated above. Meaning, it’s not clear how visible the castle and hub area are starting January 2, 2018. Once we know more information, we’ll keep you updated.


Between now and January 1, 2018, guests are able to collect a commemorative sticker celebrating the Disney in the Stars fireworks show. There’s also commemorative merchandise available at the park.



Some of the stuff available till January 1, 2018.


A reminder of what the castle should/could look like, after all the "transformation" is done. (o:

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We have more 12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas news to share today! As part of Hong Kong Disneyland’s multi-year expansion plan, the icon of the park will soon be reimagined and undergo a transformation, the first-of-its-kind at any Disney park. Today, we have a new rendering to show you what a magical centerpiece the new castle will be for our guests in Hong Kong!


The classic castle will draw inspiration from a variety of storybook influences and styles, with new thematic spires, domes and a design that reaches ever skyward. Features will be inspired by many of the Disney princesses, including special finial decorations on the spires such as Snow White’s apple, Cinderella’s coach and Belle’s rose. Original artwork and unique sculptures will add even more magic and fantasy.


Guests will be able to visit the all-new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for transformations of their own and meet Disney princesses at the castle. The changes will also take the park’s entertainment to new heights with the premiere of a new daytime show and nighttime spectacular against the impressive backdrop.


Work on the castle will begin after the finale of the “Disney in the Stars” fireworks on January 1, and the expansion plan will continue to bring new entertainment to the park almost every year through 2023. Local and international guests alike won’t want to miss the exciting new offerings coming soon to Hong Kong Disneyland


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From the "I'm So Bored During Winter" Dept. ....


Looked back at this great attraction design for Sven's Sleigh "Ride", using trackless vehicles

like those great "cars" in Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters at DCA.... hmmm.


Then I thought of the vehicles in Mystic Manor, also at HKDL, turning them into sleighs, instead....


Hmmm. Possible? Wait and see, I guess.


The artist conception. Free dancing sleighs, right? Awesome!


Ta daaah! Possible sleigh design? With the base more 'streamlined' like Roadsters? I like it! (o:

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Since its January 2017 opening, Iron Man Experience has become the most popular attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland, and an entire Marvel-themed area is underway at the resort. But that’s not all that’s planned for Marvel fans: Chapek shared details about a second Marvel attraction that is set for Hong Kong Disneyland, where you’ll be able to team up with Ant-Man and The Wasp to fight Arnim Zola and his army of Hydra swarm bots.




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^ Probably gone for (almost) good. And I'm wondering if the train that circles the park

will end up going through some long tunnel through all the show buildings? Or will the

track be in the open, and become an "interesting looking" photo op, when a train passes by?

The map shows only a small part as a tunnel for it now, but I wonder if they'll make it longer?



Also, I know that it hasn't been announced yet, but every time I look at the size

of the "footprint" of the Marvel Attraction for 2023 (on the map on the previous page)...

....it sure looks like the same sized print that the new

Galaxy's Edge trackless ride attraction is contained in.


Could Disney have created a third version of this with all the tech, but totally

re-themed it for Marvel purposes, precisely for Hong Kong?


Hmmm. (Pardon my repetition of these thoughts.)

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Is it safe to assume Tomorrowland will be no more when the un-announced MARVEL attraction opens in 2023? Easy to overlay space mountain and orbitron


This wouldn't be a bad thing.


As much as I like Buzz Lightyear, I'm all for a new shooting dark ride for Disney--they have enough Toy Story stuff now.

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No problem with Tomorrowland being gone at all. I grew up with the park and I honestly would have no issue if any of the opening day attraction is gone. That Tomorrowland is sad and I’m so glad Disney is working to change it. Now please get rid of that stupid Hyperspace Mountain overlay. If they do a survey I’m fairly confident that most guests would want the Michael Giacchino soundtrack back.

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Highly anticipated new experiences at Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland will soon invite guests to become part of a bigger universe filled with epic heroes and adventures, and today we’re sharing a sneak peek! Developed in partnership with Marvel Studios and Marvel Themed Entertainment, these three new areas will champion the next generation of Super Heroes.



Multi-year expansion plans are also underway at Hong Kong Disneyland, including a new themed area that will include an exciting attraction where guests team up with Ant-Man and The Wasp. This new attraction will join the Iron Man Experience, which opened in 2017 and is already the most popular attraction at the resort.


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I'm not going to post it here, but there's "new artwork" going around, showing revised artwork of what HKDL'S FROZENland is going to look like. A sleigh-themed coaster has been added to the right side of the original artwork, a sleigh that used to be on the lower left corner, is now replaced with one of Elsa's frozen fountains, and there's an "extra mountain" (looking suspiciously like the Matterhorn!) next to Elsa's Ice Castle....


Hmmm. But.... nowhere are there the words "Concept Art Hong Kong Disneyland" on it, bottom right corner. And there, in those words' place, is another covered "stall," like the one to the left of it on that pathway.


Until there's an official announcement about this, this could be fan art for all we know.


...and EDIT: Universal Japan just announced their newest MINIONS attraction, and darned if the (trackless?) "sleighs" don't look remarkably similar to Disney's FROZENland version, which still look like the Mystic Manor "sleighs" people ride in. And it is Hong Kong vs. Osaka... so who Knows? Maybe soon, HKDL will announce something/anything. I hope.


Here's the original artwork, that Disney posted/released. About a year ago, as of this weekend. Hmmm...

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Found the art you mentioned, it could be fan art, but it also seems weird if it is. Because some things that were changed seem odd, like the new hut, and added mountain. Guess we'll know for sure when ever it opens!


I can not find the universal announcement though.

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^ 不用客气!

(Bùyòng kèqì!)


And by now, every Disney site I know, is reporting on this "New Artwork" of FrozenLand for HKDL.

Nobody is saying it's genuine though, which is good, since nothing new has been announced, just yet.

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Is it just me or does the size of the eventually new Marvels Adventure attraction, (map on page.80) taking the place of where Autopia was, vaguely the size of what the Galaxy's Edge Escape (First Order?) attraction show building looks like, size wise? Either in Disneyland or Hollywood Studios?


Meaning, they might be already figuring out how to clone this attraction to other parks, with new themeing (i.e. Iron Man from Star Tours?), etc. And they do have the Marvels rights, there. Which means...maybe this is also what's in store for Disney Studios Paris? The art concept shows an enclosed section where the Stunt Show is, for now. And a Marvel Attraction possibly in that space.


And where their smaller Galaxy's Edge is located, around that lake, they could have the Millennium Falcon attraction in place.


Just observations and future questions.


P.S. Has anybody seen progress on the Castle Expansion at all? Just wondering about that, too. I read the new Moana Show Stage in AdventureLand is ready and opening soon, as well.


Here's the art concept of the main Marvel Avengers Attraction. Iron Man is in there (center), but it's still a massive building(s) for one attraction.

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P.S. Has anybody seen progress on the Castle Expansion at all? Just wondering about that, too. I read the new Moana Show Stage

in AdventureLand is ready and opening soon, as well.

The castle expansion is said to be done next year (photos from earlier this month show not too much work has been done around the castle just yet).


The new Moana show is said to open this month or the next and the Ant-Man ride sometime this year.

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^ Thanks for that info. And I just found a few photos of the new Moana Theatre,

called Jungle Junction, too. Taken and posted by HK Main Street Gazette.




It looks like kids' seating in front, and parents' standing room in back. (o;


Thank you HKMSG for all these great photos!


Looking back at this Original Art Concept, it makes you realize how many things can change before it comes into being.

And IMhO, this artwork looks like it was originally meant to be some kind of Moana DANCE PARTY instead of storytelling, lol! (o;

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