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Coaster Expedition DVD Owners - TAKE THIS POLL!!!

When you watch a TPR Coaster Expedition DVD, which best describes you...  

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  1. 1. When you watch a TPR Coaster Expedition DVD, which best describes you...

    • I watch the "Footage" disc as much as I watch the "Expedition" Disc.
    • I watch the "Footage" disc at least once.
    • I rarely (and sometimes don't) watch the "Footage" disc.

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Hey everyone!


With each new DVD Theme Park Review releases we want to make sure you all are getting the most out of your purchases.


Now with Roller Coasters in the RAW as it's own series, we are trying to figure out what the viewing patterns are for those of you who buy our "Coaster Expedition" series.


Traditionally we pack in a disc of coaster (and sometimes other ride) footage in our Coaster Expedition DVD set.


But how much do you all watch this disc? That's the goal of this poll.


And for those of you who don't watch the disc, what would you recommend we pack in place of it? Would you like to see maybe a DVD full of high res photos from the parks on disc 1? Do you even feel you NEED the second disc?


Please give us your feedback! Any comments or feedback about our Coaster Expedition series would be helpful!


Thank you!



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I watch each disc, but I'm more likely to go back to the "music video" stuff. (But I do like the "just coaster" footage--escpecially for rides I've never experienced before.)

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I enjoy both. The expedition videos are definitely fun, but I enjoy the footage as well. I haven't been on very many coasters, so the footage shows me what I'm missing out on. I really need to get out there and ride more!

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I find myself watching both about equally, but I have a bit more interest in the individual ride footage personally, I think you are offering a tremendous product.


I feel that the two are sufficiently different that comparing the two is not like apples and oranges, more like a big salad and steak. Each has their own feel that is different enough as to be equally entertaining in their own right. They compliment each other perfectly. Both has merits that stand alone and together each fills any voids you might have with the other.


In short I vote to keep them the way they are.


My humble opinion.



the Old Guy in missouri

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I watch the footage disc more. When I get them I do watch expedition first then the footage.


For me right now, I watch the footage disk as a way to get through the 4 month off-season. I feel as I start to plan for summer trips, I'll watch the expedition disc a little more so I get a feel for the park. The footage disc tends to pump me up for new locations. I would prefer to keep them the same.

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I own all 10 of the Coaster Expedition DVD's, and both of the Roller Coasters In The RAW DVD's.


I vote that you don't change a thing. I love how they are!

They really, really, really make me want to join in on a TPR trip someday soon!

I must admit though, I do watch the RAW DVD's more than I do the others.

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The footage dvds are just sort of a bonus for me. If there are a few rides I'm curious to see then I will check them out, but after that I never touch it again. For the most part, they have little influence on whether I buy the Expedition dvd. If you guys just sold the Expedition dvd by itself and kept the full POVs for the Raw series, I wouldn't complain.

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I actually watch the footage disk much more often than the expedition disk. Unfortunately I haven't had the finances to spend some money on getting anything since the UK trip DVD, otherwise RAW would be a great addition to my collection.


The reason being is that I use the TPR DVDs as a way to advertise trips to my fiance before we go. Her not being big on the whole coaster scene, it makes it nice that she can see some of the rides before we get to the park.


But don't let my opinion deter you from doing the DVDs the way they've been for a long time. There's nothing like curling up in the middle of winter and watching the old Expedition disks for a good laugh. I think the combination of expedition and footage disks is great (and for those that have it, the video competition disks too!).


My two cents... which is worth 1.96 yen if you're Japanese.

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I watch both of them equally as much. The Expedition discs are hilarious to watch and always have me rolling. After watching them I am hoping to make...no I am GOING to make one of the TPR trips next year. As for the footage discs, I'm actually using them during my workouts.


(side story) Five or 6 years ago I saw a show on Travel Channel that showed Millennium Force and decided to lose the weight it would take to get on it. Over a little more than 2 years I lost 202 pounds (I was quite a biggun!) and finally visited Cedar Point only to find out that Millennium Force was DOWN when we were there!! Well, unfortunately I put on 7 or 8 (dozen) pounds after that. Last year I went back to Cedar Point and due to my extra poundage I could not fit on Millennium (nor TTD, Raptor, or Wicked Twister for that matter). So, for a New Year's resolution I decided to lose the 85-90 pounds I'd gained, and I'm using the videos as motivation during my workouts. It's a match made in heaven!! I get to watch the object of my goal while listening to upbeat music. So far I've lost 42 pounds since the first of the year (results not typical), and I owe it all to the videos!! I've got my trip planned again this summer, and I'm really hoping I can fit on Millennium. Atkins, South Beach, Nutri-System...who needs 'em?!? I'm living the TPR Coaster Expedition Nutrition Plan! Thanks Dr. Alvey!

Oh, by often showing the footage discs for a reward, I've also turned my students into coaster junkies. (I'd love to show them the Expedition discs, but they're a little too pg-13.) All of the discs are great! I vote that you keep doing them the exact same way and don't change a thing.

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