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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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This is the next-to-the-last update! Six Flags South Carolina ends this week!



28th Season


Well here is the last update for the season. I've put off my job hunt long enough. It's time to get serious about it. I'll try to bring you updates on my status as time progresses.


And now, the final update of 2010:


The wooden coaster has been approved! I've heard that we can expect an announcement within the next week. Due to the delay, it will likely not open until late-June of 2011.


This is a recent development: land clearing has begun across from one of the main parking lots. I have no clue if this is land owned by Six Flags or not. I'll try to find out, though!


This area will likely change significantly next season with the new coaster.


That's a long way down!


Green Falcon is a very picturesque attraction.


Buccaneer Battle


I grabbed lunch at the Saltwater Cafe.


It'll be another 5 months before I can buy a burger and fries for only $12!


Here's an overview of the park's entrance area. Don't ask me how I got this!


Undertaker.. doing its thing.


The park wasn't that crowded today. It was nice.


This area of the park is very calming.


One last ride on Undertaker.


It didn't disappoint.


Goodbye for now.


Signing off,


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I'm a bit confused by the speculation; isn't it a wooden coaster? I don't really see that being themed to the Green Lantern especially with Green Falcon already being a ride there. How many Green _______ rides could you really want? My guess would be some sort of cyclone wooden coaster. It would fit into the cleared area and be a good addition to the park. Until the inevitable Six Flags treatment/(lack of) upkeep of it makes it completely unrideable.

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Looking good! Im sad to see this come to an end! But were is that whole,"Green Lantern Wooden coaster" coming from? I could see a new GCI there, but I really don't think it will be Green Lantern themed.


BTW, is Scooby Doo still there? I haven't seen it in an up date in ages! Also, why hasn't V2 been painted red and purple like the two other V2's?

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Now that the SFSC chapter is about to close just wanted to thank you for the journey from humble Charleston Gardens to one of the best looking SF parks (even compared to some of the real life SF parks) I've seen on TPR. Looking forward to your next endeavor.

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Two very long and grand years this topic has gone on. This has been an amazing park to follow, and deserves several medals and a noble peace prize.


I've made it Front Page worthy. Such a great park, and a great thread!

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