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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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Um why would you want something to stay that old, it has needed to be replaced.


So Eagel's Fortress isn't good because it's old? Both Giant Dippers which have been around for over 80 years are not good? The Matterhorn isn't good? Thunder Mountain isn't good? Loch Ness Monster isn't good? Ninja isn't good? Montezoom'a Revenge isn't good? Hmmm?


Don't judge a coaster by it's age, since Eagel's Fortress was rated #1 in the world for years! And it was built in early 90's.

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Couldn't Vekoma come in, and help keep Vulture around for another decade or so? I'm a suspended coaster fan myself, so i want it to stay.


Speaking of a giant ride, it wouldn't be a HUSS Giant Frisbee...And that's a ride that would stand out...As for coaster, I could see an Impulse coming in too at Roadrunner's spot.


I'm totally loving this park.

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B&M Dive Machines also weren't very popular around this time. I think they started getting more popular with Skeikra and Griffon in the US. Aren't those the only 2 in the US? My bets would go towards an Intamin Impulse coaster. (Superman Ultimate Escape opened in 2000.) It's also getting to the time where Stand-Ups were slowly fading and Floorless models were getting big. But seeing as there is already a Floorless in the park... I wouldn't expect another Hmmm... maybe a 4D coaster for 02' and a Flat for 01'?That'd really turn this park from Amusement to Amazement Park! We will just have to wait and see.

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I can't believe I just read all 102 pages of this thread. You have done a fabulous job with this park and I envy your talent in making it look so unbelievably real. Congratulations on your park! The rise/fall/rise/fall/and stratospheric rebirth as SFSC has been very well written. I have greatly enjoyed all the drama (though I was shocked and surprised you picked Funtime Parks as a past owner).


SFSC has been with one wood coaster since the 70's so right now we're about at the time CCI was at their peak. GCI was starting to make a name for themselves. A wooden twister would be a nice complement to the out and back Derecho, which I would like to say the first three hills remind me of Shivering Timbers for some reason.


For those who clamor for a stand-up - it doesn't fit this park. A double twisting Impulse is a possibility. I'm surprised that Roadrunner is leaving as that will remove a decent family coaster. I think Vulture is a gonner. I can see a mid-sized Intamin Rocket/Accelerator in the near future.

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Yeah a 4D coaster would be cool, now i'm leaning towards a 4D coaster but I still think there could be a chance of a Dive MACHINE Coaster.

Like Dive machines, rides like X were just taking off. Magic Mountain had bought X and built it in time for 2001, but 4D rides hadn't really taken off until about 2005-2006. That's the same time when Shekira was opened, so honestly, don't expect either of those two.


A flying coaster like X-Flight/FireHawk would be more expected in this case. That's what I'm going for within the next two to three years for this park.

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