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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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November 1st, which is today. Hush, all of you. I mean it.


He didn't smile on that, I saw on Shy guys world, some one posted an park that has almost the same bumper car building as CD5's park. CD5 got really mad. Then the creator said that he couldn't believe that CD5 is so mean, he had been following the park for years. Then the mods close the thread... so sad


I believe that was a blatant copy of the building, if memory serves me right. It wasn't because the user was inspired, he basically stole the building and made it look like if it was his creation and not CD5's.

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Six Flags South Carolina reaches new heights with Superman: Ride of Steel



Six Flags South Carolina has officially unveiled plans to construct a 20-story-tall, ultra-fast, steel mega-coaster to open in May of 2000. The addition of SUPERMAN: RIDE OF STEEL™, already under construction, brings the park’s awesome roller coaster line-up to an impressive six. Riders on SUPERMAN: RIDE OF STEEL will embark on an incredibly steep climb, high into the air, before speeding down a dizzying 70 degree, high-speed drop over more than one mile of sleek steel track. At 210 feet tall, SUPERMAN-RIDE OF STEEL will be the park’s tallest and fastest attraction.


Six Flags, one of the strongest brands in the world, is known for dazzling thrills and cutting edge roller coaster excitement. "The new ultra-fast coaster at Six Flags South Carolina makes a bold statement about the commitment of Six Flags to continue to build the greatest and grandest thrill rides in the world. Six Flags is the industry leader in thrill rides and SUPERMAN-RIDE OF STEEL is the latest addition that is sure to get rave reviews by thrill seekers everywhere," states Kieran Burke, CEO of Premier Parks, the company that owns Six Flags.


"As we looked toward our second year of operation as a Six Flags theme park, we knew that it would be essential to add another world-class roller coaster to our thrill ride roster," comments Joseph Reynolds, general manager. "With its lightning speed and steep first drop, SUPERMAN: RIDE OF STEEL will give Six Flags South Carolina guests an experience unmatched by any other coaster in the region."


Based on the popular DC COMICS superhero, SUPERMAN: RIDE OF STEEL™ will give riders a bird’s-eye view of the park before plunging almost 200 feet at speeds of greater than 70 mph. The tremendous first drop offers close to 10 seconds of weightlessness leading to a total ride time of more than 3 minutes. "If you enjoy traveling at incredible speeds, or faster than a speeding bullet™, as I do, don’t miss riding SUPERMAN:RIDE OF STEEL™," exclaims noted roller coaster historian and North American editor of Park World magazine, Paul Ruben.


Six Flags Theme Parks is part of Premier Parks Inc., the world’s largest regional theme park company with a total of 35 parks in the United States, Europe and Latin America. Six Flags parks serve 17 of the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. The parks annually host more than 45 million guests worldwide. Premier Parks is a publicly held corporation with corporate offices in New York City and Oklahoma City. The Company’s stock trades on the NYSE under the symbol: PKS.


SIX FLAGS and all related indicia are trademarks of Six Flags Theme Parks Inc. ®, ™ and © 2000.

LOONEY TUNES characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Warner Bros. © 2000.

SUPERMAN and all related characters, names, ride and attraction names, and indicia are trademarks of DC Comics © 2000.[/


SUPERMAN: RIDE OF STEEL stands over 200 feet tall.


The first drop will take riders through an underground tunnel.


The second half of the ride will utilize the park's hilly terrain.


The ride will feature six airtime hills.


SUPERMAN: RIDE OF STEEL opens in May of 200!

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22nd Season



Hello! My name is Tommy Powers! I'm 13 years old and I'm from Charleston and I am a huge fan of Six Flags South Carolina!! I just got a GeoCities webpage and I'll be taking pictures of Six Flags South Carolina so that you can see them on line.


After Six Flags closed for the season, lots of work began in the dirt.


The entrance will go here.


Later, coaster track arrived.


It seems like the coaster was up in a few weeks!


The coaster began testing in March!


The new Six Flags Parkway that was built next to the park gave me great photos.


Those are big drops!


I am the most excited about the first drop into a tunnel!


The park opens in a few days, but I'll have some more "behind the scenes" photos tomorrow!


Signing Off,


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