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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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19th Season


It's been about a week since the park opened for its 19th season and it's great to be coming back to the park regularly after the unusually long winter we had.


The show has been a huge success. People love the Batman!


I think Chaos is going to need a longer line!


The Backlot Commissary serves burgers, fries, and milkshakes.


You can't see the other side of the building from here, but it's designed to look like a movie set!


The park was crowded today!


Have a great one!

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19th Season


We're heading towards the month of June and the weather is heating up! Schools are letting out and the park is beginning its daily operation. I like this time of year!


Unfortunately, I heard that the city rejected the request for a height variance for next year. I'll try to find out more for you.


Let's take a stroll to the Gotham Backlot.


Gotham Backlot is now the biggest area of the park!


The Gotham City Crime Wave water effects were in full force today in order to combat the heat!


You will get soaked on this ride!


See you soon!


- Joe

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Your kidding right? The Vekoma Boomerang was created in 1984. If you follow the timeline, this would be nearly a decade after. Definitely not one of the first. (As a matter of fact, there would have been a good 10 to 15 + in operation.

In my opinion, this park has enough coasters. More flats would be a better move. And if a coaster, definitely not a boomerang. (With the exception of maybe a Giant Inverted one like Deja Vu')


This is the best RCT3 park I've ever seen Keep up the work!



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19th Season


I stopped by the park on my way home from work today to see how things were going.


Chaos is a very chaotic ride, take my word for it!


Watch out for the Joker in the Crime Wave line!


I see you, Batman loop!


Now that's better!


Looking to the other side of Emerald Bay


It began to rain so I decided to head on out rather than continuing around the park.


- Joe

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19th Season


I took the kids to the park last night - it was quite an enjoyable evening. The comfortable temperatures helped a lot!


First stop... Bumper Cars!


We decided to eat at the Saltwater Cafe for dinner.


The kids wanted to go check out the new Gotham Backlot.


Unfortunately, we missed the last showing of the Batman and Robin Live Action Show.


My yongest even decided to challenge the Gotham City Crime Wave!


The long line gives us plenty of time to get the adrenaline running!


They both loved it!


We passed on Chaos to go take one last ride on Batman.


Family time is always fun!


- Joe


P.S. I heard something is leaving the park. No idea what, though. I'll try to look into this over the weekend.

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19th Season


I saw this sign placed inside the entry plaza:




I was so shocked to see it. Viper, formerly known as Heatwave, has been such a staple of Charleston Gardens and now Six Flags South Carolina. I have no idea what will take its place, but rest assured I'll be doing a lot of investigating in the coming weeks.


Heatwave opened in 1979 as the park's first looping coaster.


Today it's received a new name and color scheme but it's still the same great ride.


Until Vulture opened, it was the "big" ride at the park.


I'm very sad to see that it's leaving, but I'm very excited to see what will replace it!


- Joe

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