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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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17th Season


Some sources that I've met since the park reopened are all in agreement that the attraction to close this year will be one of the original rides that opened with the park. This leaves Parachute Falls, Indigo Plunge, Monster Mash Hotel, and Scrambler as the rides in question. Indigo Plunge and Monster Mash Hotel both sit on large plots of land - could the park be planning something else to fit onto one of these footprints? If the park is removing one of these attractions to make room for another attraction, I can't see them removing Scrambler or Parachute Falls as they won't free up too much space.


Stay tuned! We should know which attraction will close very soon!




I'd hate to see Indigo Plunge leave. Even though we have two more great water rides, nothing beats the classic log flume!




My "sources" could be wrong. We could see a newer attraction leave as well, or none at all!




Thunder River was down for most of the morning - the line began filling quickly once it reopened.




It's a nice relief on a hot day such as today!




New lighting has been installed to the police car scene near the exit of Batman: The Ride.




Gotham still needs Batman!


- Joe

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17th Season


I was told by a park official today that an announcement will be made next week regarding a "change in attraction lineup." I believe that means an attraction will be leaving.




Good morning, Six Flags!




I was at the park early this morning to interview the park president for an article I'm writing. Batman: The Ride was testing as I was walking through the park.




The park was very quiet this early in the morning! No music, no guests - it was very eerie.




A much needed fence was added around the perimeter of Batman's base. You wouldn't want anyone somehow getting under there!




The park opened and the line began to fill.




Another day at this great park!


- Joe

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17th Season


This sign was posted outside of the ride today:




Attention park guests: We regret to inform you that Monster Mash Hotel will close on July 14. We look forward to unveiling a new exciting attraction in its place in 1996!"




I really hate to see a classic go, but Monster Mash Hotel was showing its age. It opened with the park in 1975 and has not been updated since. I wonder if they will utilize the same ride system or go with a new one. Only time will tell!




I was somewhat saddened by the announcement, so I decided to go ride Batman to cheer me up!




This always does the trick!




It was a beautiful day!




I'll see you tomorrow as we revisit Monster Mash Hotel!

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[from RCDB]


Roller Coaster: Batman The Ride

Amusement Park: Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, Illinois, USA)

Classification: Roller Coaster

Type: Steel - Inverted

Status: Operating since 5/9/1992


The first Batman was in '92...so it could have been entirely possible.

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^Alternate Reality ftw!


I don't think it really matters to the timeline of reality as much as the timeline of this thread. If he had built it in 1984 we would all be more upset, and I don't really see the problem with building it when he did as this is not a recreation of a park, but a fantasy park as stated

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