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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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It's early 1993 and the grand opening of Six Flags South Carolina is only a little over a year away, and work on the park has really taken off over the past couple of weeks. The folks working hard to get the park ready have graciously allowed me to visit the park to follow the progress. Here's what's been happening this week.


- Joe Martin




I was told that Heatwave will be repainted yellow and green and will be renamed "Viper."




The new green color can be seen in this shot.




By the end of the week the coaster was completely repainted!




Vulture will retain its name but will sport a dark red color scheme when it reopens.


I'll have another update from the park very soon!

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The guys at Six Flags are working nearly around-the-clock to ensure that the park is returned to its original form by next spring. Crews have been in and out of the park's existing buildings, gutting many of them to the studs in order to prevent molding. I was told that the most buildings have had to be nearly rebuilt from the inside out.




The former carousel has been removed from the park. I was told it was cheaper to buy a newer model than repair the old one.




Therefore we have the new Carolina Carousel which stands where Gully Gulch Grill once stood. It was nearly leveled by the storm. A new restaurant will open across the path where the emporium once stood.




The new turnstile building has begun to rise. It is considerably larger than the former turnstile building.




It will also house ticket sales and guest relations.




Pieces of what will become Batman: The Ride began arriving at the park today.




Landwork has been going on for a few weeks now. Vertical construction is expected to begin later this week.


- Joe

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First off, AMAZING job! You are extremely skilled in RCT3, and that is impressive. I have never seen a park with more detail or beauty as this one, and for that I thank you.


I just spent reading this whole thread, page 1 - 56, and it is phenomenal! The story, the pictures, the beauty, it is all so captivating and brilliant . I haven't seen your other parks, but it seems nearly impossible for this park to be topped. I have no idea how you did it, but this is breathtaking and amazing. It is simply the best.


As for your movie, Backwards, another work of art! It's amazing how much you do with one game, and your stories are blended in with it flawlessly. Honestly, that plot was one of the best I have ever witnessed! There were some sketchy parts in it that may stir up questions, but quite frankly, it was flawless. There was so much suspense in those 15 or so minutes, it was crazy ! Definitely something that deserves recognition. I did not expect anything that happened, and it was beautiful . You sir are a true artist, as well as a writer.


You are amazing, and leave me in awe


Hands down the greatest RCT3 player/storymaker to date

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Work is progressing at a steady rate at the new Six Flags South Carolina. Track work has started on Batman: The Ride and the ride is expected to be completed in about a month. Right now work is concentrated in the entrance plaza. The turnstile and ticket building is coming along quite nicely.




The interiors of the building are almost complete. Exterior work is underway now.




Guests will purchase tickets here.




Everything is looking good!

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Thanks for the kind words!




We're nearing the end of 1993 and that means that the opening of Six Flags South Carolina is quickly approaching. Track is going up left and right over at Batman: The Ride. Nearly half of the ride's track is already up. They are expecting to begin testing by February!


The park has released a list of attractions which will open with the park. A name in parentheses is the ride's former name.


Carolina Carousel

Charleston Railway

Parachute Falls


Batman: The Ride

Viper (Heatwave)



RoadRunner Express (Millipede)

Monster Mash Hotel

Indigo Plunge

Thunder River (Gully River Rapids)

The Great Swings



Swan Boats

Bumper Cars


The following rides will not return:



Magic Carpet

Harbortown Drive




I stopped by the park on my way home from the office today. I snapped a shot of Batman, along with the park's other three steel coasters. You can also see Roadrunner Express' new paint job.


I should have a very nice update for you all in a couple of weeks!


- Joe

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Happy New Year! It's been a few weeks since I last spoke with you - I've been enjoying some time off with the family. I returned to the park today and it looks like the crews at the park did not take the holiday off! An incredible amount of work has taken place and it will likely take a few trips to the park to capture all the new things going on at the park. Let's get started!




I was able to walk through the queue line for Batman: The Ride. It is quite immersive. You'll think you've been transported to Gotham City!




Six Flags transplanted over 40 trees to give the queue area a city park feel.




I forgot I was in an amusement park!




The atmosphere will change quickly as you venture into the city's sewage system as you head to the Batcave.




New to the "mainstreet" area of the park is the Saltwater Cafe, which is located where the emporium once stood.




Around the side of the building you'll find a new eating area.




The inside of Saltwater Cafe.




The restaurant has limited indoor seating.




Don't be fooled by the name - no seafood will be served here. The menu will feature sandwiches and items often found at a bakery.




Gully River Rapids, which will soon become Thunder River Rapids, has had its signage removed in preparation for the transformation.




I ended up spending several hours at the park today. Special thanks to Six Flags' marketing department for giving me these tours of the park. I will be returning later this week to see testing of Batman: The Ride!


- Joe

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Thanks for the kind words and feedback!




I was allowed to view one of the first complete test runs of Batman: The Ride and let me tell you it is a very fast ride!




The coaster stands about 10 stories tall and will flip riders upside down five times!




It's a twisted mess of steel and the train completes the entire course at a fast pace.




The ride can be seen from several places within the park.




Seen here is the first drop into one of the two vertical loops.




This is one of the coaster's two inverting flat spins.




It looks like an exciting coaster and I look forward to riding it on opening day!

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