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Six Flags South Carolina 1975-Today [RCT3]

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9th Season


Well, today is the last day of our 9th season! Despite no new major offerings, attendance has held steady. We're sure next year's new attraction will bring in the crowds! See you on Monday for the announcement!


- Joseph Reynolds




We've received record amounts of rainfall this year and it's raining today!




Derecho will receive a new coat of paint during the offseason.




Monster Mash Hotel closed early for a minor rehab.




The midway isn't as busy when it's raining.




Derecho, Parachute Falls, and Carolina Calamity.




How long will Heatwave hold the "tallest" title?




Those who still weren't wet enough took a spin on Gully River Rapids.




I've been told this is an area to keep your eye on.




Stay tuned for the announcement!

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^ Thanks!



9th Season


The park is closed... it's November 29th. Tomorrow is the big day. Everything about 1984 at Charleston Gardens Amusement Park will be revealed.


- Joseph Reynolds




Track has arrived!




See you tomorrow for the announcement!

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^The park already has a shuttle loop, so why would they add a fairly similar coaster when there are other possibilities? I'll go with either a Schwarzkopf non looping coaster (Knightmare or Lisebergbanan), a Togo stand-up, or an Arrow suspended coaster. I think the most likely will be one of the last two though.

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1984 proves to be an exhilarating tenth season at Charleston Gardens Amusement Park with the addition of Vulture, a steel suspended swinging monster of a roller coaster. Standing 120 feet over the park, Vulture will take its spot as one of the most frightening rides at the park. The ride will contain speeds of over 55 mph and will be one of the longest rides at Charleston Gardens Amusement Park. A product of Arrow, a renowned roller coaster company known for solid attractions, Vulture will surely hold a spot on guests' "must ride" lists. Vulture will open for the park's tenth season this Spring.




Vulture at Charleston Gardens Amusement Park




Vulture will soar high above Gully River Rapids




Vulture's track blends with the sky.




Vulture's train can hold up to twenty guests.




Vulture will be set next to a lake that is currently being dug.




Vulture will command a presence from nearly anywhere in the park.




Vulture's station, while simple, is similar to the other buildings found in the Gully Gulch area.




Vulture's layout

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Well...I definitely didn't see that coming (judging from the track laying in that field), haha.


But considering Arrow Suspendeds are among my favorite types of coasters, this is a welcome addition! The supports look very realistic and I love the surroundings.

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10th Season


This is our tenth season of operation! That is very hard to believe! I think this season will be the best ever!


- Joseph Reynolds




A small concrete area has been added to the entrance plaza.




It breaks up the asphalt quite nicely.




Vulture's train plunges toward the water.




"This is my new favorite coaster at the park" said Susie White.




Vulture's station at sunset.




Vulture soars high above the lake.




This was a great day to kick off our tenth season!

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I quit. This is too good. This has to be one of the best parks ever and it is somewhat new. It may not have the same impact as HHE or Shyguy's parks but this is probably better than both of them.


I like this park for a few reasons.


1.It is very realistic.

2.It is updated frequently.

3. The pictures, the rides,and the layout of the park is amazing.

4. It is just amazing.

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