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Saw - The Ride (Media Day) 12-03-2009

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Today was the day of the exclusive Coaster Club preview of Saw The Ride, so a few TPR members popped along to experience Saw!


Over all a good time was spent at Thorpe Park even with Saw down.


The ride is looking great so everyone head down there on Saturday and prepare to play the game!


(I will be at the park on Saturday so feel free to come and say hi)


Dont worry everyone we did get to experiance some of Thorpe Parks new for 2009 attractions. TARMAC THE RIDE


Everyone had a go on Rush which was running BOTH swings.


Craig likes big hard balls in his hands!


Daves opinion on Saw being closed.


"We should be there!"


Look at the enjoyment on their faces after their first ride at Thorpe Park for the 2009 season!


Colossus was running so a few people took a quick ride.


The second bridge wont be ready for Saturday by the looks of it


Work is still going on around the ride to get it ready for Saturday.


The spinning blades of DOOM, that dont actually spin.


Can you spot anything special about the markings?


And seemed to run smooth.


The ride was testing and looked very good.


Here is the shop themed much in the same way that Expedition Ge-Force's is.


How about a police car?


Its the ride sign! What more do you want?


Beth was sad she couldnt ride though.


Dave is happy we can get close too see Saw.


Once the park let us in they allowed us too go and get a close up look at Saw too take pictures.


This is the view of Saw you get from the bridge into the park.


This is sadley what Saw was not. But Thorpe Park very kindly opened Colossus and Rush for us.


The group stand around waiting too be let in to go and look at Saw


Saw teases us all from a distance and rumours start coming in the Saw may not be operating.


Thorpe Park rolled out the red carpet for TPR's arrival.

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^^^ Bob, It was the usual "technical issues". The chinese whispers were that a part was being flown in from Germany, but the ride seemed to be testing fine.


Again, off the rumor mill, it should be good to go for tomorrows "Ride it first" competition winners and the Annual Pass preview day.



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According to the pinnacle of journalistic excellence that is the Daily Mail the ride managed to terrify celebrities on Wednesday evening.The Daily Rag

It is thought the problem has been caused by a malfunctioning gate sensor causing a bug in the computer system. Oh well, good luck to Thorpe to getting it open.

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Bunch of toss Thorpe Park.. If it's not working on saturday Guest Services will be getting complaints! (And hopefully i'll get free tickets)


<3 We'll have to go get queenie on them if it's not open.



haha, but, today was funny! I'm sorry I had to keep flitting between groups It was a shame it didn't work, but, will get on it Saturday (in theory!) so, I'm not that bothered. And getting a few rides in, even on Colossus, is better than sitting at home!

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They didn't let us in the ride station or even in the shop. It was all closed off by security.


Some media day, huh?


I'm looking forward to seeing the inside of the station. It's probably going to be amazing from what I've seen so far.

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I agree it sucks the ride wasn't open, but I want to give a shout out to our TPR Members for like Gregg said, "Making the best of it". I am SURE that there were others there throwing a fit and behaving badly, and I'm glad that our group was above that!


Afterall, it is just a roller coaster!


If it makes you guys feel better, at least you'll still ride it before Robb and me! (If we didn't actually ride it last weekend on our secret trip that is!!!)

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Once I got over the dissapointment I realised I was having a good time. It was good of Thorpe to think to do an event like that in the first place, and Rush is a highlight ride for me.


Saw looked very promising, shame I wont find out for myself for a while now but if I get another chance at something like that I would gadly take it.

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It was just one of them things, I was there with a different group and we all just made the most of it.


It was funny when Rush broke down as well with us all on it


No one really went mad we were all just a bit down about it, but at least they open up 2 other rides and we still rode them for free so it was not all bad.


What upset most people was the fact that no one from Thorpe even spoke to us, no one said sorry or anything.

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^ Yeah, it probably would have been nice for them to say "something".


But again, awesome that you guys (or anybody else) didn't try to create a scene. It was something that was out of the parks hands, and you realized that and had fun.


We were at Disneyland when they had the "mysterious powder" that turned out to be sand. You should have SEEN the line at City Hall. It was ridiculous.

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