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Not necessarily just for the Alveys, but anyone who's been recently: Can anyone recommend a good hotel, preferably on the economy end of the scale, near Cedar Point in June?


My girlfriend and I are doing our own version of the Midwest Trip the third week of the month. We know people who live or have lived in or near our other destinations (Louisville for Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World, Chicago for Navy Pier and Six Flags, and Pittsburgh for Kennywood) who were able to offer recommendations, but we're having a tough time in Sandusky.


Every time we go on Kayak.com and think we have it figured out, we look up reviews on Trip Advisor or Virtual Tourist and find out our latest hotel of choice has been rated a death trap or worse. We're just looking for a decent place to sleep for two nights where we won't have to worry mice, mold or getting mugged on our way from the parking lot to our room, preferably all for under $100 a night.


Anyone who's been there have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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I have stayed at the Microtel the last few times I have been to the point. Its about 5/10 mins from the park. The place is nothing fancy but its clean, relatively inexpensive, and has a mediocre continental breakfast. Probalby the best feature is the 24 hour indoor pool and hot tub, which feels great after a long day at CP.

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Thanks, all! Sorry, Matt, for the lack of a search; it didn't even occur to me, to be honest. I guess that's because all my posts are always so unique and original, there's little chance for a duplicate subject


Looks like we're going to check out Breakers Express.

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My girlfriend and I have stayed both on Point, (Breakers and the hideously overpriced Lighthouse Point) and at the Hampton Inn at Sandusky. We tend to favor the Hampton just because it's a bit nicer/newer feeling, the surrounding area seems safer, and if you're already going to be forced into a over priced room, at least it will be clean 95% of the time.


I have stories that would make a grown man cry about our 3 night stay at Lighthouse Point in 2007. We unfortunately payed for 3 nights in advance for starters. Then had such an un-relaxing/bug filled visit that we actually left the cabin abandoned on the 3rd night, and went back to the Hampton to get some real sleep.


Here is their website if you're curious:



Sandusky is a bit tricky, but if you do enough research, you can find a few decent gems.


Good Luck!



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^^ The camp grounds in the area are kind of sketchy. I used to stay at one right at 250 and the turnpike, but it was kind of gross. There's also one just past the park that has tent camping, and also cabins to rent. Wasn't too bad.


^ You probably won't get early entry the day you check in, as check in will be well after early entry ends. You will however get early entry on the day you check out.

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