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Everything looks good so far!


No sure if I can join in the fun, but I did have a question about whether we can use custom rides in the park. I was over at a friends away from my main computer and I was working on this family ride:


I may call it Adventure Mountain. The drop ride (Volcano) is incorporated in the scenery.

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Thanks guys. I'm hoping to get more work done tonight. My woodie still bugs me, and I think it'll change. I love the queue for it though, wait till you see it! ::wink::


^ I was wondering the same thing. I'd like to use on of the Frog Hoppers, if allowed.

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All rides have been placed as of last night. Now it's off to scenery, and much needed stalls, or so the Inspector tells me.


I revamped my two coasters, I thought the the rules stated they had to be 3000' long. So I kept trying and getting frustrated. Then I re-read them......oops!


I like my one choice, although it still needs tweaking. I'm just not the good of a coaster designer.

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Heey everyone!


I'm Done


and I got bored.. so here I present to you:


RCT3: Family Fun Contest AlmereStars Entry : VIDEO


It's 3:09 long video, showing almost every attraction of the park.. including an on-ridevideo of the woody!!

note: it is the first time I've done a video using the ingame Camera Route Editor, so some shots are too short or too fast. But i'm pretty pleased.


I will upload the park (including full list of CS/CFR) tomorrow!



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Almere, I think you may be the winner. That is pretty friggin' awesome.


I'm just about done, but I'm headed out of town on business the next three days, so I'm hoping I can get as much as I want to when I get back Wednesday.

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^^ hurry up!


^ Thank you very much! I used Sony Vega, a little bit more options then Windows Movie Maker


@TwisterII: maybe you should move the deadline towards monday? Giving everyone the weekend to finish the park.

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End it on Mon please

Now a preview


Everythings ready but where are thoose picnic tables I ordered


Looks like TPR going to be here 1st


Entrance to event area

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For those who need it, you have until Sunday at 12:59.59pm to upload your park with a list of all of your custom scenery. But for those of you who are finished with your park, you can upload it whenever before Sunday at 12:59.59pm. Sooner rather than later is always preferred. With this extra time, Im sure these parks will be looking great!


First page has been edited.

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^Looks fun!!


My Entry


I could tweak and add little things for a year, but I don't have the time for it. So here goes all or nothing!


CS List


If you have NetOn 1 & 2 installed, you don't have to worry about this list, cause you've got it all (download NetOn here)


Bold scenery packs are most important!


Acenea's Pavement Essentials Expanded (all 4 packs, download here)

NF Particle Effects (download here)

Vodin's Cafe Kit (download here)

Shy catfish Cove (Download Here)

Shy Alpine Village 1-2-3 (download 1, 2 and 3)

DasMatze Swizz It! (Download Here)

DasMatze Fences & Railings (Download Here)

Vodhin's Vermont (Download Here)

Ckef's Rock Side Lagoon (Download Here)

Shy's Rock Set (Download Here)

ShyGuys main street set #4 (Download Here)

Vodhin's Light Kit (Download Here)

Vodhins Light Kit 2008 (Download Here

BigBurger Timber (Download Here)


Custom Flats


Fechu PLayground set (Download Here)

ImagineerJohn's Hopper and Spring Rides (Download Here)





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^I thought I saw a LIM coaster. I hope you can get something in its place.


Yeah, I did a Super Bike coaster. It fit the park so well, wish I was better at reading.


I changed things around, and I like it. Just not as much as I did with the other coaster. Perhaps I'll put the first version up for download after the contest.

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I did have a question about whether we can use custom rides in the park. I was over at a friends away from my main computer and I was working on this family ride:

I have no idea how I missed that, but yes you can. But you MUST provide a link, like above.


Looks awesome AlmereStars! Im downloading now!

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Custom Scenery (Google it and you will find download link)

Vodhin's Vermont Set

Vodhin's Girder's And Glass

Vodhin's Vendors

Dazmatze's Billboards

Dazmatze's Utilites

Dazmatze's Fences

Shyguy's Rocks

ShyGuys's Circus Center 1

Acena's Pavement Essentals (all packs)

Old Spice's Planters 'n' Stuff

Battor77's Speaker Set http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=495195


Twister II


The Actual Park

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Matt's Family FunPlex


Custom Scenery:


DasMatze's Fast Food Set

Gazebo Main Street Paris

JCat's Mouse Worx

JCat's Steel Worx

RCTmaniac's Amphiteatre Set

Shyguy's Circus Set 1 & 2

Shyguy's Apline Village Set's 1,2 & 3

Shyguy's Waterworld 1 & 2

Shyguy's Main Street Sets 1,2.3.4 & 5

Vodhin's Light Kit

Vodhin's Coaster Light Kit

Vodhin's Strip Lights

Vodhin's Vermont Theme

Klinn's Framework


mcjaco's Family FunPlex

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