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Why do R&E bash LA so much?

Wood Dragon 1988

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^and Florida has no state income tax



That was always the biggest love/hate factor for me though. I hated the tourism of South Florida from November through March, but it certainly helped out in the wallet.


As for moving back, there's only two places I wouldn't mind...the Keys, or the Gulf Coast (but not the rednecky panhandle parts). Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties are still great places....if you took away 90% of its residents.


And as for the Hurricanes vs. earthquakes debate, yeah, having a warning is definitely nice. You can't exactly have an earthquake party.

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^ Off-Topic:


Didn't you have a job interview at 10am this morning???




I can remember the ONLY block party we ever had at our old house that we lived in for 13 years was the day of the Northridge Earthquake.


And if that's not a PRIME example of what it's like to live in SoCal, I don't know what is.


Heck, even where we live now, I don't really "know" any of my neighbors other than their faces and a wave now and then.

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^ More off-topic: Yes I did, and it only took a half hour. I'll find out how that turned out later.


Back to topic: Um...I live here in SoCal because I enjoy it, but to be honest, I've lived nowhere else. However, I have been to all but 43 states, so I've had a bit of exposure.


Arizona: Pretty, but...eh. I have family in Lake Havasu.

Nevada: Not bad, but I'm not crazy about the weather.

Utah: Pretty, but the Mormons were scared of me.

Hawaii: Nice people, but way too expensive.

Texas: A bit of culture shock, but maybe I could get used to it.

Florida: OK, but I need to see more than Orlando and Tampa.



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^ I can relate a little as well as I have been to a couple of states myself...


Arizona: I agree this state is very pretty, but pretty hot and I'm not a fan of the huge thunderstorms that pass on by.


Nevada: Agreed, it's ok but other than Vegas everything else looks pretty much the same.


Colorado: Has a very pretty environment but pretty cold, and the thin air doesn't help!


Virginia: Pretty damn green all around! I can imagine all the CO2 flying around in the air!


Maryland: That's probably the nicest city I've been to on the east coast. It felt very friendly (at least to me) and it seems quite clean.


New York: Well I've only been in Manhattan but after visiting that city I was actually thankful to live in LA. The traffic over there are littered with taxi's and I personally felt the people a little more rude than in LA.


I actually enjoy LA a lot. The traffic bugs the heck out of me (driving on 110 freeway passing Downtown, Staples Center around 4:30pm) but I have learned to deal with it. Knowing that everything is pretty accessible makes me forgive LA's traffic. The beach is about 15 miles away from LA, most sport venues are all about a 30 mile radius from downtown, there's so much culture everywhere you turn that it makes it quite an experience dealing with people from different nationalities any day of the week, there's a lot of food variety and entertainment wise LA ranks pretty high up. I just try to keep all of the positive that this city has to offer into perspective so I can feed out all the negative vibes from this city so I can keep myself sane!


So in short , I wouldn't move from LA... Thanks for reading my essay

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Well fine, since you guys are doing it:


Arizona: Nice enough, but the only place I've spent any "real" time in is Tucson and Bullhead City. I wouldn't want to live in either.


Nevada: Again, nice enough, but again I've really only seen Vegas, Laughlin and the I-15 corridor.


Utah: An absolutely GORGEOUS state, at least the parts that I've seen. But wouldn't want to live here.


Colorado: Absolutely GORGEOUS and I would actually consider moving here, but not for long.


Texas: I liked it well enough. We were only there for parks, but got to see a bit of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Never really saw the "living areas" too much (well, except for at Schlitterbahn).


Georgia: This state absolutely amazed me with how much I liked it. It was the first "southern" state I ever went to. I've spent over a few months here over the last 5 or 6 years and REALLY like it. Although I don't care for Columbus too much.


Pennsylvania: Another "park" trip. But it was nice enough, wouldn't want to live there though. Not sure why.


Florida: Only really spent time in Orlando, but we've spent time both on and off "Disney" property, visiting friends at their houses, etc, etc, etc. REALLY like the area. We've researched the surrounding area's enough to know we'd be happy here.


Indiana: I've only been to Indianapolis and the surrounding area, but I liked it well enough. Probably not enough to move there though.


Chicago: Yes, I know it's not a state, but that's the only part if Illinois I've seen so can't really say much about the rest of the state. We all LOVED Chicago, but wouldn't be able to handle the winters.

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^ Peachy.


Maybe because I'm just used to SoCal people and drivers, I just don't let it get me down. Mostly, I just hang back and enjoy the free entertainment, but I'm also cautious so I'll stay out of trouble.



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Maybe you guys (R&E) can come to Detroit, with all the programming studios for video games and movies being put in here, Michigan's becoming a game producing state as well as an animation design state.


Just a thought.


My god, if you guys moved to like Detroit or Lansing, MI. I would pretty keel over in shock with how close you'd be to my house.


Hey....I can dream right?

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