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Dave's Restaurant & Food Thread


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Enjoying the thread.


On Pink Taco:


A couple years ago, they opened a location here in Arizona (Scottsdale, to be specific).


Good! The Phoenix location was so loud you couldn't hear the people next to you. While I do like the food there and I'm always good for a little tongue in cheek humor, it was a pretty bad restaurant overall.

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^Possibly. I don't remember what food pictures I took at Dollywood. I haven't looked at my pictures yet. I know I took WAY less pictures than I usually do on trips. Not sure why.


This thread lives, it's just impossible to update while on trips. I'll try to add some stuff to it before West Coast...



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Yeah, it's been awhile. Many months of non-stop travel kept me away from this. But since I'm home for awhile now, I figured I should return to updating this thread.


The next set of updates will cover the places I ate in while in Portugal. I went to Portugal about three days after returning from Scandinavia (I don't really recommend making two trans-Atlantic flights in the same week, even if they're all in business class), and after a long nap after arriving, went out in search of food. There's a cool area of restaurants right near the hotel. located along the water, so off I went to the Irish Pub for some Guinness Steak! Yum!




And we conclude this update with another pic of the water! Next update soon!


And of course, no meal would be complete without...BEER!


And for dessert, some sort of chocolate pudding that was amazing.


Like pretty much any meal you have in Europe, you get fries. I think you even get fries if you order fries. They were awesome when dipped in the Guinness Gravy!


Guinness Steak! It was very tasty.


Ice Bat is quite excited to be in Portugal, a new country credit for both of us.


Like I said, the restaurant was right by the water.

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OK, time for another update! We continue the Food In Portugal theme, this time with some random restaurant by the ocean. I had fish (I love fish) and it was the freshest piece of fish I have ever had! It was likely swimming around in the ocean that morning, and I thank Mr. Sea Bass for being so tasty!




And a bonus photo of Ice Bat by the water! Next update soon!


TASTY FISH! It was really good!


Restaurant in seaside town that I can't remember the name of at the moment. But it was awesome.

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