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Dave's Restaurant & Food Thread


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Pasta is the only thing that can be "too buttery" for me. Like if you've finished off your plate and you still have a swimming pool of butter on your dish that's just too much butter. I can't stand really buttery noodles cuz' they slip off my fork, but it still tastes REALLY good!

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Good to see that people are entertained by this. And before I begin today's installment, I have to say that something can be too "buttery" when the taste of butter is overwhelming in the dish. Like it was in that pasta dish. It was still good, they just needed to dial back the butter a bit, that's all.


Anyway, today's update is THE CORNER STABLE, in ever-awesome Cockeysville, MD. I know some of you are saying to yourselves, "Hmm, I have heard of this city, but I can't remember where". Well, it is true that there is something awesome there that you may have heard of before (especially if you've been on a TPR trip), but instead of just telling you, I think I'll make it a contest! So the first person to post what other "awesome" thing is in Cockeysville, MD, will win a prize from my office! Good luck!


Anyway, The Corner Stable is known for its BBQ and especially the ribs. And it is amazingly good. It's a pretty dumpy place, but the food is awesome. So I highly recommend this place if you're in the area and like BBQ.


Anyway, enough of my yammering, let's go to the visuals!




The Corner Stable rules! That's it for today! Join us next time when we visit another area restuarant! Until then, stay safe from gator attacks!


And as promised, here's our special TPR guest...COLIN! He stopped here on his journey across the US, and I had to take him to some of Baltimore's better restaurants!


...YOU COME FOR THE BBQ!!! Here we have BBQ chicken, ribs, and fried shrimp.l Just amazing, and some of the best BBQ anywhere.


For an appetizer, how about some crab balls? Crab dishes are hugely popular in MD. These are very tasty. The crab cakes here are also very good, but that's not why you come to this place...


This place can get crazy busy, so it's cool they have this sign in the window. And we did get immediate seating! Kickass!


This sign does not lie.

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^This is one of the many reasons why you should come visit me. I could take you to all sorts of interesting places!




I'm thinking about an interstate epic next year as I get my extra week's leave and I can eat again in 2 weeks which is exciting!!


Mind you, being the simple creature that I am, I'm looking forward to going to Waffle House next time I'm in the States. I'm a big loser!!

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How have I missed this thread for nearly a week? I used to enjoy both Bagel Works and Corner Stable when I was in college at Towson. Oh, how I wish they'd had a Cheesecake Factory there when I was a student! I was up there this weekend and noticed they've added a P.F. Chang's, too.


I'm intrigued by this wing place you speak of in Bel Air. When we wanted serious wings we'd get delivery from Cluck U or head down to Padonia Station when they were on special. Of course, looking back I'm not sure if they were actually good or just cheap (which equals "good" in college).

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^Not sure how you missed it, but good that you found it! And the wings place in Bel Air has some of the best wings I've ever had. I will have to go over there eventually with the camera...AND ICE BAT!


Some business to take care of before today's update:


this is awesome! it's like watching food network without all the hilarious awful and enraging high fructose corn syrup propaganda commercials! and with Uglydolls!


And way less creepy Paula Deen!!!


Mind you, being the simple creature that I am, I'm looking forward to going to Waffle House next time I'm in the States. I'm a big loser!!


First, you are beyond awesome, and no way a loser! Second, Waffle House rules! Waffles are godly.


Cockeysville is home to the infamous prize source for Elissa Bingo.


You are correct, sir! You have won a prize from my office. If you PM me your address, I'll send you something. Of course, since it's from my office, you may not actually want it, but still, it's free!


OK, enough nonsense, time for an update! Today we'll be looking at GINZA, a Japanese steakhouse in Cockeysville, MD. In fact, Ginza is in the same complex as the Dollar Store! And not only does it share its location with the amazing Dollar Store, but the restaurant also has excellent food - including sushi! I took Colin here before he left to continue on his journey, and he agreed that Ginza is a great restaurant.


Anyway, enough of my yammering, let's go to the visuals!




Trust me, the restaurant is better than the sign.


Ginza rocks, and is worht a visit if you're in the area. Thus concludes this update! Stay tuned for another one, featuring one of Baltimore's best restaurants!


Colin agrees!


And finally some chicken! This is quite the meal.


And then add some even tastier shrimp!


Let's add some tasty veggies to the rice.


It's time for the always entertaining onion volcano, which means...MORE FIRE!


Colin and I enjoyed some sushi. We had unagi (eel), tempura shrimp roll, and a spicy tuna roll. The sushi here is REALLY good, some of the best in Baltimore.


The fire results in some tasty fried rice!


FIRE. RULES. And so does Diet Coke!


As always, you start off with some miso soup and salad.

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Yes, that's right, TPR peeps, today you get not one but TWO updates! Can you stand the excitement?!? Well, I hope so, as we're now going to take a look at one of Baltimore's best restaurants...PAZO!


Besides sushi, I think my favorite way to enjoy food is tapas style. I think it's because I have no attention span, and the little plates of food means I don't have to concentrate and decide what I might want to eat, and can just sample a bunch of stuff. It seems like a good theory, anyway. So Pazo is in the Fells Point section of Baltimore, and is know for the tapas. Every time I go in the place the menu is different, and they now have THREE PAGES of tapas items! The food quality is excellent, and this place is constantly rated among the best restaurants in Baltimore (once again making the top ten on this year's list in Baltimore Magazine). I would personally rank this among my top ten restaurants of all time.


The following are some pictures of random tapas items. I apologize in advance for the picture quality, but Pazo is REALLY dark, and I didn't want to use the flash and annoy other patrons.


Anyway, enough of my yammering, let's go to the visuals!




Pazo is amazing, and I can't wait to go back! Thus concludes this update! Stay tuned for next time, when I go ON THE ROAD for the first time this year! But where am I going? Well, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out! Until then, try not to get eaten by rabid bears...


And while it's a bit hard to see in this picture, this is their take on an ice cream sandwich, with espresso ice cream between two italian cookies. So good!


Seared scallops! I can't eat a lot of scallops, as I find them overwhelming after awhile, so a serving this size is perfect.


Mushroom soup! So good you'll want to lick the bowl.


Meat on a stick is always awesome. This pork is something I order every time I visit.


Seared tuna! One of my favorite dishes anywhere. I almost ate it before I took a picture. But I managed to let it sit long enough to photograph before devouring it.


Another thing you can't skip at Pazo is the croquetas, little fried balls of potato goodness!


Kobe beef! This is one of those things that I've always wanted to try, and was happy to see it It show up on the menu. It did not disappoint, as the meat quality was amazing, and oh so smooth.


When having tapas, you cannot skip out on the spicy pork empanadas. Some of the best I've ever had.


Let's start with some salmon tartare. I love fish, and rare fish is even better when it's prepare right. And this was indeed prepared in a most awesome manner!

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OK, time for an update! Actually, there should have been a number of updates, as I went to the LA area last month, mainly to torture Elissa (haha!), and I did eat at a number of restaurants. But I also made an important discovery while there:




Yes, I am this dumb. No memory card means no pictures that I thought I was taking. So I ended up only having a photo from one restaurant. Which sucks, as there should have been some really good ones, including one of KidTums licking the garlic off a breadstick at the Olive Garden!


Anyway, the one place where I did photograph my meal was CLAIM JUMPER. I'm not sure of the exact location, but it was pretty close to the TPR headquarters in Valencia. This is a chain that I used to eat at fairly often when I lived in the Bay Area, but there are none near me now. Known for their steaks and the giant portions of food (including the insane giant chocolate cake of death they always have on display in the lobby of the place), CJ has some excellent food. On this particular day we were there for lunch, and I had a bowl of their tasty chili (which I ate before photographing), and a BBQ chicken salad, which was really good but giant-sized, and probably too large.


Anyway, I've been out at some local places lately (again, when at home, I eat exciting things like toast and steamed vegetables, so there's no point in photographing that!), so there will be updates. And Ice Bat and I are on the road again soon, so there will be some new and exciting updates!




Claim Jumper's BBQ Chicken Salad. Giant scary sized, but really good!

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^ That looks soooo good. I had never heard of Claim Jumper until about 3 months ago. We saw one of their frozen meals at the grocery store and thought, "eh, let's give it a try." While it was "cooking" the kitchen smelled fantastic....just like a great BBQ chicken restaurant would. Then I tasted it.....


I'm assuming the real thing is MUCH better.

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^I had no idea they made frozen food with the Claim Jumper name on it. I eat almost no frozen stuff (other than the occasional pizza) as I find almost all of it totally horrible. So I guess I'm not missing anything.


But yes, I think the food at Claim Jumper is quite tasty.



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