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Dave's Restaurant & Food Thread

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So here's the deal: I am traveling a LOT over the rest of the year (I don't think I'm spending a full month at home until maybe December). As I am always trying to think of ways to amuse and entertain the fine residents of TPR, I figured, well, what could be a better way to do that then to document the various places I eat at while traveling?!? Yes, OK, I know, there are probably a lot better ways to entertain and amuse you, but this is what I have for today, so, um, go with it!


Anyway, in this thread I'll be documenting various restaurants and the tasty (or not so tasty) items I end up eating. I will fully admit up front that I am somewhat of a food snob, and generally hate chain restaurants and such. So anyone coming in here thinking I'm going to be discussing the amazing culinary offerings at Chili's is likely to be very disappointed. I will likely only be documenting what I eat when not at home, as my regular diet at home consists of exciting things like yogurt, toast, and soup. I am horribly lazy, and often only eat very minimal things as cooking would take away from valuable time tormenting people on the internet. Just so you know.


As always, my "awesome" photography skills will be on display. And there may be guest appearances by a certain character...so anyway, with that massive preamble, let's begin!


First up is YAMATO SUSHI, located in action-packed Timonium, MD. I had never been to this place before, but had heard that it was pretty good, and since it's close to my house, I decided to check it out last week. It ended up being pretty good. Not the best sushi ever (that place might get documented this summer...oooooh, FORESHADOWING!), but it was certainly very good, and the roll selection is insane. They had two pages of special rolls, plus another giant list of rolls they make on a regular basis. Add all this to the regular sushi, tempura, and all the other food you'd expect at a Japanese restaurant, and you have quite the extensive menu of tasty treats! It's not a big place, so I'd advise going at off times if you're thinking of visiting, as it was very busy when I went on a Tuesday night.


So I do recommend Yamato Sushi if you're in the area. Anyway, enough of my yammering, let's go to the visuals!




Overall, Yamato Sushi was an excellent evening out, and it is Ice Bat approved! Hope you enjoyed this! Stayed tuned for our next installment, when I grab a quick lunch at another local restaurant. Until then, have a shark attack-free day!


And this is a Dynamite Roll, though honestly it doesn't look like a roll. Spicy tuna, cooked eel, cucumber and some rice. Also tasty!


And here are some rolls: From the bottom, we have a Philadelphia Roll (salmon and cream cheese), a Rock & Roll (tuna, eel and avocado), and a Black Dragon Roll (tempura shrimp, eel and avocado). Of the three, I liked the Philadelphia the best, but all three were very good. And like I said before, they had a HUGE variety of these available, which makes it cool to return and get totally different stuff.


But this is what I came for: SUSHI! Here we have some yellowtail, and some Unagi, also known as eel. This is my favorite type of sushi, and is what I will always order to compare with other sushi places. This was very good, not the best I've had, and not even the best I've had in Baltimore, but still very tasty.


So first up, some appetizers. Crab and cheese wantons (which were good, but very rich and almost overwhelming to the point that two of them were enough), and fried dough that had some sort of filling.


Here it a shot of the place from the parking lot. You should be excited to know the place shares its space in the complex with other fine establishments like Petco and Superfresh. I was careful to not get any shots of the grocery store, just in case the anti-grocery store photography snipers might have been out, making sure no one photographs snickers bars without their permission.

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This thread makes me hungry and it is an hour and half until lunch! I love sushi. If TPR ever goes back to Japan Dave, I will gladly go get sushi with you.


By the way, The first picture is blurry and with your screwed up eyes, does it appear clear to you?

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I think this is an awesome thread. Sushi just isn't my thing though. It looks pretty. Unfortunately, you can't eat pretty. Cause then I would be eating with my eyes. If I could eat with my eyes, I wouldn't be of this earth. If I wasn't of this earth, then I would be posting from elsewhere.


Hmmmmmmm conundrum.


Guy "However, it's Ice Bat approved, so I'm sure it's awesome." Koepp

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^^I think we all know that I suck at photography!


I never got any sushi in Japan. I do remember one night walking around with someone (Robb?) but we couldn't find a place. I do think a lot of us ended up eating our weight in those awesome curry pork cutlets you can get almost everywhere.



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^Ginzo is a wise man and 100% correct.


For the record, Unagi, Ebi, Kani, Tako, and Viagra Roll (Crunchy Shrimp Roll varient with smelt roe, avacodo, and spicey sauce) rock!


Between this and the bacon thread, I know who my breakfast and dinner buddies are, should I get on a trip.


This is gonna be a fun thread!

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Glad people are enjoying this. For today's update, it's time for a visit to BAGEL WORKS, also in lovely and action-packed Timonium, MD. This place has the best bagels in the area (voted the winner in this category several times in Baltimore Magazine), and has a decent menu of breakfast and lunch items. On this particular day it was time for lunch, and one of the best things there is the chicken salad, which I always get on a wheat bagel. They make the chicken salad there, and it is damn tasty.


This obviously isn't the sort of place you travel out of your way for, but for a neighborhood place it's really good, and it's one of the better places around here when you want a good, fast, and cheap lunch.


Here are a couple of pics of chicken salad bagel awesomeness. Stay tuned for next time, when I visit one of the new yet not new restaurants in the area...




Lots of chicken salad! It's usually piled high, but I'm guessing that there was even more on this particular day as I went in about an hour before they closed, and they wanted to use it up. That's it for today! Thanks for playing!


Awesome chicken salad on a wheat bagel. Mmmmmmm...

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This is all kinds of awesome Dave!


Well I only got to try sushi once on our TPR Japan trip two years ago. While everyone else was getting their credit on the Magical Powder dark ride at Lagunasia, Adam and I had completely forgotten about that ride, so we wandered over to the market under the giant wheel outside the park. They had some terrible looking things at the market (I think I saw giant octopus brains or something equally as hideous), but we found the sushi and it was GREAT! Still want to go back to get the Magical Powder credit though.


Looking forward to seeing more of your culinary adventures!

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For today's update, it was time to check out one of the new restaurants in town. But it's one that you have seen in other places - CHEESECAKE FACTORY!


Yes, I know, I said I pretty much hate chain restaurants. And I still do. But occasionally there are ones that don't suck, and this is one of them. It helps that the menu is the size of a small novel, and contains a vast variety of food, so it's easy to go there and not get the same thing all the time. And I have found the food there to be pretty good, though some things are better than others.


This location is in action-packed Towson, MD. The closest location to me before this was in downtown Baltimore, which is somewhere I rarely go because I hate driving and parking down there. So I'm happy to have a location a bit closer to me. This isn't somewhere I'll be going all the time, as there is a wealth of great restaurants around here, but I do enjoy the place and will be returning.


Enough of my yammering, let's go to the visuals!




Cheesecake Factory is Ice Bat approved! That's it for today! Stay tuned for next time, when we will have a VERY SPECIAL TPR GUEST! Until then, stay away from giant carnivorous bees!


My main course was the chicken piccata. It was good, but a little too buttery. It's also not as good as the one I make at home, but since that's usually and all day project and I am incredibly lazy, this is a good substitute.


For my appetizer, I had the tuna tartare. It was exceptionally tasty, and I really liked the fried wontons. One of the things I love about rare/raw tuna dishes is that every restaurant prepares them in a totally different way. This is something I'd order every visit.


New location in Towson, MD! It's attached to the mall, so you can shop for all sorts of useless crap before or after your meal.

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Mmmmmmmmm! Cheesecake Factory! they have the best mashed potato omelet in the universe! With Bacon!


If your taking guesses about your special guest star food goer, my guess is Colin! I say this as I believe he was heading your way on his psychedelic travels across this fabulous country of ours on veggie oil.


Guy "Potato omelet with bacon and BBQ sauce! Now that's a meal!" Koepp

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How can anything possibly be too "buttery"?


The only thing I've ever eaten at a Cheescake Factory is, well, the cheesecake. The dinner food looks pretty good, too.

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