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WTF is it?

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a Cinema Verite camera.. I'll be back in five with more.


I'll give it to you. It is the camera body of the camera that made the Cinema Verite movement possible. The camera is called the Eclair NPR, NPR is an acronym for Noiseless Portable Reflex. It was the first portable 16mm motion picture camera that ran quiet enough on it's own to record sync sound without camera noise. All portable 16mm cameras before then ran too loud to record sound at the same time. (Yes there were 16mm sync sound cameras before the NPR, but those required heavy covers called barneys which muffled the camera noise. The NPR was the first not to require a barney.)


The picture I posted is just the camera's body, both the film magazine and the lens was removed.


Here is a photo of an Eclair NPR with the lens and magazine attached:


And if you are interested in the Cinema Verite movement here is a Wiki on it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinema_verite

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