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I just recently added bacon to a couple double cheese Krystals and they were even better.


Also tried the McDonald's Bacon Angus Burger. All I can say is......I need a cigarette...and I don't smoke. Wow!


You know, it's a funny thing. For years and years I didn't care for bacon at all, then, in the past couple years, some wierd switch flipped on, and now I'm pro bacon. Not only that, but I tried the turkey bacon a while back and it was most tasty.


Bacon goooood. Bacon friend.

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Found the right thread, so....


Happy International Bacon Day!


Been waiting for this, all year I found out, lol.


No International Bacon Day is complete, without a Bacon Car! Happy bacon eating everybody!

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^ We're having a stuffed pasta tonight, with a pesto sauce...

with crumbled bacon added, for extra awesomeness.


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Made Maple & Bacon ice cream yesterday.


Simply incredible. Beat out the sweet corn and strawberry ice cream we made last week, even though that was just insane as well.


How much bacon and maple do you add? Wondering what proportions to try so we don't over do it.

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I'm more of a sausage guy in general when it comes to breakfast meats, and I'm very picky when it comes to bacon. I love it crisp, but I also like it to be thick cut, with just the right amount of fat on it in some spots to give it that nice bit of juiciness.

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David made this wonderful dinner last night, with the main course

being a pork tenderloin, all wrapped up in Bacon!


Of course, i couldn't resist snapping a few pix of the process and

finished dish.




A "tube of bacon" around the tenderloin.


Some fry pan cooking, before glazing and into the oven.


Then the glaze all over it. He wouldn't tell me what was

in the glaze, the bastard! (o;


Into the oven.


And out of the oven. Nice and crispy on top. Mmmm.


And - it's ready to serve! Bon Appetit!

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Bacon flavored anything is gross. The only way to experience bacon is by eating bacon!


Agreed, I got a cupcake the other day and the topping I thought was maple and brown sugar on top. It turned out that it was the coating for the bacon bits in the frosting. YUCK!

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^ Yes, real bacon!


//Bringing the thread back per request just like many others recently//




1) Start with 2 lbs THICK sliced bacon

2) Dredge in Brown Sugar - and really press the brown sugar into the bacon slices - on both sides

3) Place the bacon slices on a rack within a sheet pan

4) Cook the bacon for 20-25 minutes in a 350 degree oven


Let it cool for a minute or two and eat. Its easy AND awesome. The combination of the bacon fat and the caramelized brown sugar coating is incredible.


Note - The rack is to get it up off of the sheet pan so that you are not frying the bacon. Make sure that the rack will fit entirely within the sheet pan or you will have a tremendous mess on your hands... For no clean up you can use those disposable aluminum cooking pans from the grocery store

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