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Where in the world are Robb & Elissa? Part III

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I am just under the assumption that he wouldn't be spending his trip taking care of stuff like that. If he is London/Paris somewhere else he probably has other stuff to worry about.

Or maybe I'm just jetlagged and still up getting caught up on things due to the time change?

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My thinking on the saw thing is that they are already having riders on saw for TV appearances......quite a bit of media coverage in fact...


....for us UK peeps, check out Paul o Grady late this week or early next week. and all the local news channels at the end of the week, Oh and adverts have been filmed already.




Beings as Robb and Elissa have a "special" connection with Thorpe, I am sure they have managed to secure a ride pre-open day.


In a way it would be cool for them to ride early, but I hope they don't reveal too much about the ride, I want the full experience next week when I ride! I've already had to shut my ears to my mate who works at Thorpe, I don't wanna know too much!!!


Sorry for going a bit off topic there guys.............wonder where robb is at the moment, would have thought there would have been a post by now.....he is probably reading all these and laughing to himself!



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Once again, I have deduced three places where "Robb and Elissa Are Not." Yes, I know you are all impressed with my deductive powers--sometimes, they frighten even me!


Robb and Elissa are not:


3. trying to pull themselves out of this this grease trap after a bender at J. M. Randalls in Williamsburg. Where else are they not?


2. enjoying a brew with Bela Lugosi at Castle Dracula; or


1. increasing their knowledge of American history at President's Park;

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...And now! For the grand finale of "Where in the world are Robb & Elissa III!"


We are now at our final destination...back home.



I hope you all enjoyed following and playing along. As a nice reward to all of you, here is a brand spankin' new TPR video of the Mindbender at Galaxyland!



Mindbender Video including forwards and *BACKWARDS* POV!


We have also posted our FULL UPDATE here:



5 pages full of photos from Nick Universe, Galaxyland, and our freezing cold adventure!


And now I want to award all the people who figured out where we were based on the photos and clues!


X2coasterfreak was the first person to guess "Minneapolis St. Paul." here:



bdstrom was the first person to narrow down the first location based on the photos here:



ParkTrips first mentioned Edmonton, but he's disqualified since he kind of knew a while ago that we would be doing this eventually.


sillytrixx was the first person to give us details about multiple photos here:



Wes was the first person to prove one of the photos by using another photo as reference:



Wes was also the first person to figure out Edmonton based on the clues here:



But since Wes disqualified himself because he's a good sport and doesn't really NEED a bag-of-crap Chroniq was the first person besides Wes to put all the pieces together here:



and here:



and also to prove that Chroniq has no life at all, he also posted this:



and then to follow up Chroniq's lack of social life he proved to the world that he's also a stalker by calling us here:



(Don't worry, we don't actually think you're a stalker!)


And then finally BeemerBoy was the first to post that we'd be going home here:



All of you will get BAGS OF CRAP so PM me your mailing address!


And now, for the full update, click here:



THANK YOU all for playing! Hopefully we will do this again soon!



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It's far for a short trip, and is pretty far from so cal, especially with a toddler at home. When my youth pastors daughter was two and we were at a seven day camp, he did not want to leave her at home for that long so he actually called another youth pastor that came to camp, and my youth pastor drove down the mountain(my camp is at the top of the mountain) with three days of camp remaining.


LMAO at the Michael Phelps thing.


BTW Elissa, do you like my sig?

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Awesome......you got me!


Have to say Mindbender looks great, one of the truly awesome coasters left in this world.


Is it just a Mirror Image of the Drier Looping/Magnum Force from Flamingoland, that was a hell of a lot of fun to ride, they retrofitted the cars to remove the accordian restraints and replaced them with racecar 5 point safety harnesses, much comfort was had on it!


With all these Schwarzkopf's being removed/closed/relocated from random locations round the world, it is good to see somewhere keeping theirs and looking after it!


Good Trip Report too Robb/Elissa, keep up your great work.



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Is it just a Mirror Image of the Drier Looping/Magnum Force from Flamingoland,

No, this was MUCH bigger and far more intense. I'd been on Magnum Force and thought it was pretty good (still prefered Bullet, though), but this ride blew us away...especially backwards!



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