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Where in the world are Robb & Elissa? Part III

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So I'm very impressed with some of you!


So yes, the reveal on the first two destinations are:


Stop #1 - Mall of America and Nick Universe

Stop #2 - Edmonton Mall & Galaxyland

Stop #3 - ????? Where are Robb & Elissa going next???


Below are some photos from our visit to Edmonton Mall & Galaxyland and some clues for where we are off to now!




That is if our plane can actually make it here!


Ok everyone...keep guessing...where are we heading next?


Hi Lou! We will be seeing you soon!


All there is to eat in our terminal is TOAST! Seriously...it even smells like TOAST!


Hmm...we are going to need to purchase at least one of these currencies!


"Please take the picture quick so we can go inside!"


"It's ok, we'll make it...our vehicle is really an Autobot!"


There is supposed to be an airport out there somewhere!


Here we are on the motorway trying not to die!


We are on our way to the next destination. You can see anything out the window because it's nothing but SNOW!


The ride still has the original "accordion restraints" that Schwarzkopf put on the ride. I had heard the ride was very rough, even heard it called "Zonga II" but out of about 16 rides we had, I think we only hit our head once or twice. One thing to remember though, it avoid potential head bashing, make sure these restraints are down as far as they can go and you won't hit your head. Yeah, it may be tight on your shoulders, but that's MUCH better than getting a concussion!


Seriously though, this Schwarzkopf really lived up to the hype! I had heard how intense it was, but I didn't believe it. Well, BELIEVE IT! OMG! This ride is totally crazy. And backwards...we're not even TALKING about the backwards part!


Um, that gets REALLY close to the roof!


"All public writings must be written in English and French!"


Ohh, those crazy Canadians and their elephant poo!


Ahh, I love Canadian McDonald's with their cute maple leaf!


Robb is still here.


"This photo will really throw them off...oh wait, the background looks too much like a store...hmm...."


Joey had never seen snow before, so this was a culture shock for him.


Oh, yeah, there are these loopy things. Three of them. And each of them are classic intense Schwarzkopf loops!


Yes, this IS a backwards car you see and backwards Mindbender was seriously one of the most intense coaster moments of my life! We could only ride it once. It wasn't rough or anything, just very, VERY intense!


And yes the picture is blurry because it's nearly IMPOSSILBLE to get onride photos since the coaster never lets up speed!


The ride is just HUGE...it's insane...especially for being in a mall!


Mindbender did NOT disappoint...OMFG! The ride was totally amazing...


We were here to do a little bit of filming for the park.


So those of you (I think only one...or was there more...) who guessed Galaxyland, you are right!

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So by working backwards I found the only carrier that left terminal 2 out of LAX and flew to MSP in the morning was Northwest. I read the clue Wes posted about "Work towards the "23", don't work from it." . For all you non-thread reading readers (sic), Wes figured out one of the previous "Where in the world threads" using stuff like jpg meta data and thumbnail previews. He knows his stuff.. His clue was very helpful...


Wow! My hint wasn't even that supposed to be that meaningful. But awesome job figuring it out!


One of the things people missed totally was the shot of Joey and Elissa on the plane. The upholstery of the seats was very very unique. I can't believe no one else used that to figure out the airline they were on (which then easily leads to finding the flight #).

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Since no one cares where we are, I've decided to post my psuedo trip report (read; at my house). Mods feel free to delete...


Note: Many clues to the next location of The Alveys are hidden in these photos.




Or Perhaps Here (Spoiler Alert: On random WDW Bus with Kristin doing Trump Lips)


We wish we were here...


This is a photo of the exact location in the park the yellow B&M track is going to placed. You heard it hear first.


And pointing at this ( we see you autobots!)


But unfortunately we are bored, freezing, looking at this.


Thanks for the inspiration!

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Creating more moments of pleasure, Cadbury, the UK's number one confectionery manufacturer, is launching a 35p on-pack price promotion whilst stocks last within Cash & Carry and Wholesale.


From the end of January for a limited time, single bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Crunchie, Cadbury Double Decker and Cadbury Boost will be price-marked at 35p, with retailers receiving five bars free of charge in every outer, £1.75 worth of stock free of charge at 35p RRP.


Hmmmmm i think UK !found out about the priceing of Double Decker Bars !!! although i haven't seen them in the shops yet !

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I swear this photo was taken at Glorious Britain in Heathrows Terminal 5 Building



Look at the colour schemes and the shelving designs.


Also in robbs photo, apart from the London Eye photo, there is a Map of Great Britain on the shelf in front of it.


Also I spy "Wispa" bars on the shelf on the right of robb, also I swear that is Scottish Shortbread on the top shelf on the right (maybe Country Fudge, not 100% Sure)


My bet is also Thorpe Park.....however, it won't officially run with the public till Friday, so unless Robb and Elissa got special invitations from Thorpe, they are going to be a bit early!!



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^ Its ok, you're an American, you're not supposed to know your geography


I wonder where BWW is headquartered at..?


I'm not sure this has been answered... but after working at a BWW in Ohio, "the original" bdubbs at OSU, I can tell you its headquartered in Wayzata, MN. Which is ironic, being where they started, no? Blazin is a BWW sauce, and no one elses. For those of you who don't know, Wayzata is a suburb of Minneapolis.


Just my 2 cents.


The other pix confuse me.

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Ok everyone. Here is the last clue for today as I won't be able to post again until tomorrow most likely. I hope you can figure this out!


BTW, if someone can figure out that wings & Blazin photo I'll give you bonus points!




Here is the last clue for today...

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