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Bull's Old Park Photos, and other random stuff


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Seeing those old fiberglass slides bring back so many memories. My Dad owned a small miniature golf course when I was young and he put in one of these slides, we called it the "Super Slide". (He also had a "moon walk" anyone remember those?) Anyways during the hot summer months we used to take hoses to the top and wet the slide down, when that thing was slick you could catch some major air...and some nasty fiberglass burns too. ouch!

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Montezooma, Yeah, I remember just being a little skinny kid on the slide, getting some air near the bottom, is scared the crap out of me the first time, but then I loved it after that! Yes, I remember the moon walk, they had one of those at Conneaut also, I think it was over by the old Wild Mouse. Don't remember much about it, except is smelt like feet, because the made you take your shoes off!

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Time for a break from the Conneaut Lake stuff, and I don't have the rest scanned yet. Here is what will probably be my favorite update. These are pictures taken at Kennywood from 1952 and 1956. They were taken by my grandfather. At the time, from what I am told amateur photography was a bit expensive. Half of these were scanned from very old, what I believe were 2X3 negative, and half were from prints. Sorry some of the prints are a little crooked, but they were in a very old album that I did not want to take apart, and some were very fragile, from old age, and improper storage. I know I could have done something with them now that they are digital, but I suck at photo editing, and figured the content was better than the presentation.


Sorry for any typos, I was doing this one in a bit of a hurry, because I forgot there was somewhere I needed to be soon.




One last horse and buggy ride! I hope everyone enjoyed the update!


Again, another crooked one, sorry. This is a shot across the lake. You can see the row boats, that were there before the paddle boats. Also you can see the Racer, before the station was redone, then redone again back to original. Also you can see the Jack Rabbit, and what I think is a fun house or dark ride, any old timers that would know for sure?


Another picture of that sign, this time from 1952


Horse rides, I am pretty sure that is the Little Dipper in the background, someone please let me know if I am wrong, because it would be the first time :)


Very crocked, sorry, I did not realize how bad they were until i finished scanning them. I may have also had a few beers that night. For some reason I really like this picture.


Horse and buggy rides


The Swan Boat ride again, I believe that is the Little Dipper in the back ground, and you can also the the Auto Race


Noah's Ark, looks kind of strange there all by itself


A park sign where you could get your picture taken, 1956. That is my dad, check out the Davy Crocket shirt!


I think this was called the turnpike, I think it was the same as the panther cars at Knoebels.


The Flying Saucers


The old Swan Boat ride


A picture of a carousel, I am almost sure in kiddyland. Kind of dark, but I still included it.


Some kind of car ride, probably in kiddyland

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^ Your pics rock. Just seeing what all these parks look like back in the day is very fascinating.


He also had a "moon walk" anyone remember those?
Moonwalks still exist and they're still really popular at birthday parties and church/school fundraisers, unless you're talking about something else.
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In the background of your horse and buggy ride picture is the Racer, not the Dipper. Today, this would be around the Log Jammer loading station.


The Daffy Klub was a funhouse that was removed after the 1955 season. Its building was used for the Pastime game until it was demolished for a newer larger building in the same location built in 1990 (the same year the original Racer facade was restored). This photo is taken from the Rockets (Traver Circle Swing) loading platform. They were replaced in 1979 by the Monongahela Monster (Eyerly Monster), which was replaced by the Swing Around in 1989. After 2005 the ride was removed and so this view is no longer possible.

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