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Disneyland: The Long Version

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This video covers just about every single attraction in the park with the exception Of Nemo and a few random smaller things. It does feature a lot of onride footage.





A full version of the Matterhorn cane be found here:



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That was awesome.


I'm sure it's just because I grew up with it, but Disneyland is still the standard by which I measure all others--while Magic Kingdom is a sort of weird doppleganger that never gets it quite right.


Anyway, thanks for posting this. I'm going to make my girlfriend watch it so she'll know how much better Disneyland is.

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Awesome, probably the best video of my all time favorite park. Just out of pure curiosity, is the theming in the line of Dueling Dragons better? or is the theming in Indiana Jones's line better? I always thought Indy was best, but recently I saw pictures of dragons line, and the theming was very impressive.

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Awesome video! I loved every minute of it! You captured pretty much everything at Disneyworld that's a must see. Thanks so much for the high quality footage, it really took me back to my trip in July! I had so much fun watching




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That was great! Thanks for doing that.


I didn't visit a Disney park until I was 27, and when I'm in the park I have a hard time deciding whether a ride is worth the wait or not. It's hard to tell what some of the rides basically do without riding them.


It is very cool to see some of the fantasy-land rides that I've simply walked past when I saw how many little kids are in line

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