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How to get Free Rides on Speed The Ride - Sahara Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (AP) - A Las Vegas casino cafe is rewarding patrons who can put away a 2-foot, 6-pound burrito with a most logical prize—free unlimited rides on a roller coaster that runs in both forward and reverse.

The offer comes with a caveat, though: Those who accept the challenge but can't finish "The Bomb" burrito have to take a picture with an extra small, pink T-shirt that says "Weenie."


The NASCAR Cafe at the Sahara Hotel & Casino began selling the cheese-and-guacamole slathered burrito on Thursday for $19.95.


Those who can finish the monstrous entree get it for free, along with two unlimited coaster passes and a T-shirt proclaiming they "Conquered the Bomb."


This could be fun!!!

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Whoever in their marketing department decided to make this a 'good' idea obviously has misunderestimated the power of a shuttle coaster- and one that can be particularly 'intense'. The platform will never smell the same again- and Lord help anybody who's stuck on the ride when the burrito takes hold.... QUEEP!

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That's going to be a lot of free burritos and coaster rides! Have they seen the people that go to Vegas???



Robb, I s**t you not, I saw the same broad at McCarren playing the Wheel of Fortune Slots back in july during my honeymoon. She kept hitting bonuses and won like 500 bucks while waiting for the same flight we were on...

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