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Joey's Ongoing Sporting Event PTR Thread


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Met Chipper once at Turner Field & once at Disney WWOS and both times he talked to the fans around and signed some stuff.


Those are some killer seats though . The Braves have similar seats (don't know if all those extras are included or not), too bad i can't afford them right now.

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Finishing up with baseball for now, today we have a Dodgers spring training game. I'm still kicking myself for never being able to catch a game at Dodgertown, but the Dodgers moving to Glendale allowed for me and Dan to take a quick Southwest flight over to Phoenix to take in a game @ the new Camelback Ranch. This was the first spring training game I went to, and I had a great time. I definitely want to do more than just a day trip and check out a few more camps next year...


The view from our seats. Oh, there's that guy again too.


This guy gets lots of attention. I think he's really rich. And can really hit. When he wants to.


For $100 you get this buffet and a seat right behind home plate. That's right. $100. For a spring training game.


The diamond.


All the baseball drills going on almost made me forget there was a new stadium there too! Here's the obligatory wide shot showing the stadium and the outfield standing room only section.


Lenny Harris was the batting instructor over at one of the minor league fields.


Venturing further into the complex, me and Dan went to check out the minor league camp. This turned out to be my favorite part of the trip...getting to watch the instruction up close. It made me want to pick up a baseball and see if I could still throw a curve ball. But since Jews can't play sports, that probably wouldn't have gone too well.


...We also find that unlike the White Sox, the Dodgers had all their fields open for the public to get right up against the fences. This is the major leaguers not starting in the game taking batting practice.


...we find Tommy Lasorda signing autographs. I'm fairly certain this is all he gets paid to do now...


The complex is split in half by this man made river. Moving on to the Dodger side of the river...


Obligatory NOTED! photo.


This is the only crappy picture I took of the White Sox portion of the complex, since they decided to be lame and fence off all their areas to the public.


Welcome to Camelback Ranch...a very bland spring training complex. It was still nice, but it completely lacked any charm.

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Holy crap, the Dodgers moved from Vero???????? I guess I would have known that if I followed 'em closer, but wow, I had NO idea about that. That's kind of sad though since they were an institution down there. I can remember playing that golf course right next to the stadium several times during spring training.


Anyhow, the new facility looks nice. Did they relocate the Single A team as well?


EDIT: The more I read up about them leaving Vero, the sadder I am. I mean, I'm not a Dodger fan (although my Mom is a die-hard), but this hurts the same way as when the Yanks moved out of Fort Lauderdale....and I despise the Yanks!


Most people don't realize that growing up in South Florida before the Marlin came to town, baseball fans looked forward to Spring Training. It made us feel closer to the teams we rooted for from out of state....sort of like surrogate families to the teams before they moved away and started their long seasons. Having all the Yankee greats go through spring training at Fort Lauderdale stadium meant something to all Yankee fans, and likewise for Dodgertown, and those who bled Dodger blue.


I still love watching the When It Was A Game documentary series, and seeing the footage of Joe D. and The Mick practicing in Lauderdale.


This really is sad to see the other great franchise move away. My heart goes out to the long time Vero residents.

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^^100% agreed. Unfortunately, Frank McCourt only cares about one thing: money. Tradition doesn't mean anything to him. I totally understand that Baseball is a business, but there is also a reason it is referred to as "America's past time." Part of what makes baseball so great is tradition. It's a real shame that's being thrown out.


Between the ownership of Fox and Frank McCourt, everything the O'Malley family did to build a quality organization has been destroyed. Tradition doesn't matter, employees are treated like crap, prices are sky high, and the product on the field sucks.

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Inspired by Scott's awesome thread, which can be found HERE, here is the next installment:


So...even though I consider myself to a Laker fan (the NBA isn't really my thing...though I do try to catch every game I can on TV and do keep up with all the latest news), I realized very quickly that Clippers tickets are WAY less expensive. How much cheaper? For the price of sitting courtside, the best seat you could get at a Lakers game is the corner of the Premier section (top of the lower bowl). Again, craigslist is your friend!


Anyways...I have to say that the experience is AWESOME! If you enjoy watching basketball at all, you'll enjoy sitting courtside (duh). Hearing Chris Kaman try to talk sh*t was amazing. Also sitting right behind the Hornets bench was interesting, as you could really tell CP3 wasn't really on the same page as Byron Scott.


On to the photos....


That's how I roll.


The only decent picture I took inside of the really small, over priced lounge ($12 draft beer!).


This is where celebrities come to hide....at Lakers games. The biggest "celebrity" that bothers to show their face at Clippers games now is Bill Simmons. Ouch.


The view if you don't have a bunch of really tall people in front of you (this one is from a different game and the other side of the court)




This is the view if you sit behind a teams bench...Hope you enjoyed it, because if you were really there it would be interrupted every few minutes by really tall dudes supporting their team. How dare they.


I get the impression the Lakers are pretty good. And your seats really suck if you are stuck on the 300 level.


As part of your at least $450 face value ticket, you get to feel important and enter the arena through the same tunnels players use. Too bad security doesn't let you wait anywhere near the locker room (I saw a bunch of disappointed kids) to even try and get a high 5.

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Randon thoughts:


- I see what you're saying about the 300 level. So those 3 levels of suites circle the whole arena?


- Did they pay you to attend that Wolves-Clips game?


- That is a shame that for $450, you can't get anywhere near the locker rooms to maybe have at least *some* interaction with the players as they come and go.


- The VIP lounge looks nice....although that's not really my style. Same goes for luxury suites. For a concert, it'd be great, but for any type of game I'd rather be in with the crowd.


- LOL at CP3/Byron Scott.


- For a modern arena, Staples does look pretty nice.

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I just love all these comments on CP3/Byron that I've heard throughout the year. All you fans really know what you're talking about. I sit 4 rows up from the goal and haven't seen or heard anything. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't, it's just funny to hear everyone think these guys hate each other. If that was the case, Scott would have already been fired since that's the way it is in the NBA.


After seeing what you paid for those tix, you don't even want to know what I pay for mine. Granted, they're not sideline, but I'm 30 feet away from the other team's bench.

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^ Indeed. I certainly only claim to base an opinion off of what I've read, and the games I've seen them play on tv. However, there's just something about CP3 that I cant warm up to yet. I can't put my finger on it, but it's just the sense I get from watching him that he doesn't possess the same characteristics of other great team leaders.


I don't want to use the word selfish, because clearly the guy knows how to dish the rock, but it's just in the way he carries himself, I guess.....if that makes any sense. He seems like an okay guy, and he can definitely ball, but I'm just not completely sold on him yet.

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^^I'm only basing the caption on what I saw on that night. It was obvious that CP3 wanted no part of anything Byron Scott was saying that night. I also didn't pay anywhere close to face value for the tickets (still probably way more than the face value of your tickets though!). Again, craigslist is your friend!




Regarding Staples Center, you are correct Scott. The ring of suites goes almost all the way around. The club level restaurant fills in the rest of the space though, so you really are a mile away if you sit in the 300 section. You are also correct in saying that it is a very nice modern arena, aside from the 300 level being so high up. The rest of the seats are great. The only thing that seems a little dated now is the scoreboards/ribbons, which haven't been updated since the building opened in 1999.

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My uncle used to co-rent a luxury suite at Staples. He was basically two suites to the right of Jerry Buss' suite, so it was pretty swank. Not the best place to watch in terms of distance and being removed from the crowd, but you can't complain about free drinks and food.


Here's some pictures, they're from 2004, the last year Shaq was on the team.


Who is that big guy??!?!!?!


The general view from the seats.


The basics of the suite area.

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^ Now that would be perfect for a concert. Free drinks, food, AND your own restroom = a great show! It'd be like watching your favorite artists in your own living room.


As for a sporting event, I just couldn't stand being removed from the crowd. It's just not the same. Thanks for those pics, though. It's a great frame of reference.

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^ My parents went to a few concerts in there. I actually got to see the 2004 All-Star Saturday stuff from there, which was fun. The desserts they brought around were a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

The bathroom was out in the concourse, but it was still for luxury suite people only (and it was nice). Plus one time I got to yell at Sylvester Stallone: "Rambo, we need you for another mission!!"

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Awesome TR Joey. If you're ever in the midwest, I'll take you to a Cubs, Sox or Brewers game. I am a HUGE Brewers fan, and love the stadium. It's also a great place for tailgating which is a must at any Brewers game (which you can't do in Chicago). However the BEST part of tailgating in Milwaukee, is that you could use beer as currency!! I don't know how many times people have come up to our group and say "hey, I'll give you two (insert beer name here) for a hot dog".


On a random note, I just got back from Vegas. As I was walking through the Forum Shops, there is a store there called Field of Dreams (or something along those lines). Pete Rose was there for autographs, however I didn't get a picture or an autograph.

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Joey, this thread rocks. Keep updating!


I am a HUGE Brewers fan, and love the stadium. It's also a great place for tailgating which is a must at any Brewers game (which you can't do in Chicago). However the BEST part of tailgating in Milwaukee, is that you could use beer as currency!! I don't know how many times people have come up to our group and say "hey, I'll give you two (insert beer name here) for a hot dog".


That is an amazing story. I'd love to visit that place if that's the sort of thing that goes on during tailgating.



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Miller Park is OK, for a park. Sightlines are good, food is good, I just don't think it has much ambience. Unless you stay outside to tailgate.


You better like crappy Miller beer though.


Wrigley is still the best of the Midwest, for history and atmosphere. Although no one is there for the game anymore. It's one big bar.


Seeing that jojo is a Brewers fan in Illinois, I'm guessing they're a Packers fan too. Yuck.

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^ I definitely agree with Miller Park. The place is pretty cool and the food is real good. I just didn't think the atmosphere was good at all. The fans were very tranquill at the game. Of course this was '03 when the Brewers still stunk. I was actually surprised at all the tailgating for a baseball game. I haven't seen it that often.

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