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Boom De Ya Da - Walt Disney World

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So recently I made and uploaded a video to my Facebook and YouTube based on the popular Boom De Ya Da commercial from the Discovery Channel, but all about Walt Disney World. It became an instant hit, and is even making its way around the executives of The Walt Disney Company, all thanks to the Imagineer who created PUSH, the talking trashcan, Daniel. I met him and he told me he loved the video and has been sending it around the company. They said that when the hiring freeze is over, they are gonna see about getting me a job in Marketing at Disney!


Now that you know the story, check out the video for yourself! Here is the link:

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^ Hey there Banks. It's really cool and all that you do the videos and they are really good, but, I dunno, it kind of seems like you don't post much here other than just links to your videos.


We have a feature that allows you to embed your YouTube videos into a post. How about using that so it doesn't come across so "spammy" every time you post?


Or maybe even uploading the videos to CoasterTube? That would at least show some support for TPR!


--Robb "I appreciate the hard work, but you gotta see where I'm coming from!" Alvey

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I completely understand, Robb, and do apologize for seeming spammy. I know I should be posting more general comments than video links. I completely forgot about Coaster Tube, too. Once I get back to Florida (visiting family in Texas) I will gladly show my support of TPR and upload it and future videos to Coaster Tube!


Again, apologies for being kinda spammy.

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